There aren’t a lot of things my toddler can say clearly. He’ll be two in January, but he hasn’t really had to learn to say many words, thanks to his big brother and sister. He mostly just has to scream to get them (and me) to realize what he likes and doesn’t.

One word my baby boy can say well (at least I can understand it) is “juice.” “Juice” can mean a lot of things. Often, it really does mean juice. But it also can mean milk, water or any other liquid he can drink. “Juice” is not to be confused with “shoes” which sound awfully alike, but God forbid you screw those up. You’ll have a royally pissed kid on your hands.

Every day when I pick him up from day care, he begs, cries, screams for juice. I’ve started trying to carry a sippy cup with me everywhere I go. He drinks a lot. Only recently did my Web-MD brain kick in. Could this be a problem? I know thirst is a sign of diabetes. Of course I psychotically googled this last night, when I should have been sleeping. He doesn’t seem to have the other symptoms, but who knows. It’s enough to top my list of “things to talk to the doctor about at his next check up.” (Is it just me, or do we always seem to forget about this list when it comes time for the actual appointment?)

I do have to share one adorable thing he says. He calls his sister “Hottie.” It’s how he says her name. For those of you who know my daughter’s name, you get it. For those of you who don’t, too bad. Just enjoy the fact that he calls his big sister “Hottie.” (I don’t ever give my kids names or identifiers here. Too many perverts out there!) I pray I remember this awesome nickname when he’s pinning his corsage on his prom date, assuming, of course, there are still such things as flowers when he’s older and dances, too. It could be totally virtual at that point, but I digress…

Beyond juice (or shoes), Mommy, Daddy, hi, bye, yeah, doggy (which sometimes sounds like kitty) and Hottie, I’m not sure what else he says. I read Facebook posts all the time from friends with kids the same age, or younger, and I swear their children are reciting the Pythagorean theorem. It’s not cool to compare, I know. But, is this delay normal? And what about the constant thirst? Is that a concern? Or should I find something better to do with my evenings than google symptoms? You know, like cleaning my house….


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kim
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 07:13:08

    He’s a boy and don’t worry about the language it will come with time and I have a drinker on my hands and as longs its not constantly juice you should be fine. I personally like to google dream vacations 🙂


  2. My boys mom
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 20:56:03

    I have a boy that is almost 3. When he was your son’s age, he drank… A LOT! I did the same googling thing about the whole diabetic thing. I think it’s just something for them to “do” and something they can control in their little world. My little one went through a milk drinking craze which apparently can make white BM’s. That one got me not only googling, but also a trip to the doctor with sample in hand. Apparently that’s “normal” too. Thank God! I agree with Kim, googling dream vacations sounds much more appealing! 🙂


  3. Clarice U (@hunnyakaclarice)
    Nov 05, 2011 @ 00:44:25

    My son drinks tons all the time i mean ALL the time so I travel with liquids as well. It’s not such a bad thing he’s not saying much. our booger says a few select words also like mom clear as day which isn’t always a good thing. I’m reminded of little stewy everytime he says it. Dad, nana, thirsty, and potty. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about. Googling on dream vacations or even better bacon…mmmhhmmm…drools on keyboard…


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