Trick or Treat

We’re just getting home from trick or treating. Mistakes were made. Mostly on my part… Maybe next year I’ll learn.

First, before I left the house, I left the porch light on so it wouldn’t be pitch black when we got home. Only problem? I left the porch light on Halloween night! We’re lucky we don’t get a lot of trick or treaters, otherwise I’m sure our house would’ve gotten egged or teepee’d. (Do people do that anymore?)

Second mistake? I forgot to buy candy, so it’s a good thing no kids came by our house.

Third mistake- forgetting gloves. This was a bit of a mixed outcome. The downside: the kids got cold and we had to come home early. The upside: the kids got cold and we had to come home early. It’s snowing. A lot. So, that wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

Fourth mistake- Not explaining the concept of “trick or treat” to my toddler. (Not that he would have understood fully.) “Trick or treat” soon became my baby’s first home invasion. The unwitting homeowner opened the door, leaned down with a bowl of candy and offered a piece to my son. My toddler took the candy, then pushed past the man and walked straight into his house. He had to go retrieve my child. Not sure what my kiddo thought was going to happen, but he was making himself at home.

Fifth mistake- forgetting to tell the kids not to run on the fresh snow. Although they all were in boots, my daughter still bit it, at least three times. Poor thing. Then the baby fell. He cried. And cried. And cried. We headed back to the house.

Sixth mistake- not checking homework before we left for trick or treating. It’s now an hour past bedtime and we’re just getting the last bit of homework done.

Seventh mistake- not taking enough pictures! Geez, they’re already nine, six and one. Before I know it, I’ll be handing candy out to my grandkids!

Eighth mistake- not filtering the candy intake. Usually, we start to weed out some of the candy throughout the night so they don’t end up with a huge stash. I’ll just have to wait until they go to sleep…

Ninth mistake- not putting reflective tape on my kids’ jackets. Man, it’s terrifying out there when you’re driving in a snowstorm, in the dark, approaching dark clothed kids en masse.

Tenth- dressing up as bacon. At dinner time. In a crowd full of kids. I’m lucky to still be in one piece.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Iowa Dog Trust
    Nov 01, 2011 @ 05:22:19

    Wow, sounds like an adventure! Good that it only comes once per year!


  2. KalleyC
    Nov 01, 2011 @ 12:23:15

    Wow, dressed up as bacon, you ARE lucky to be in one peace. I know my daughter would have pounced on you lol. Just kidding. It sounds like everyone had a great time, and I love how your toddler just made himself at home in some’s home. Sounds cute and a bit embarrassing (at least I would be).


  3. Clarice U (@hunnyakaclarice)
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 00:47:02

    Bacon is awesome!! (que yo gabba gabba voice) Rishawn didn’t trick or treat outside my job had something going on and although he couldn’t say “Trick or treat” he sure said candy clear as day!! we didn’t get that many trick or treaters 3 to be exact. Good thing it only happens once a year. I think I may take your advice on only watching KAKM before rishawn catches on to the toys on tv. He already managed to get a elmo guitar from his dad little does he know I’m onto him…


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