Some things are worth the money

When I was planning my wedding a gazillion years ago, my Dad told me this great piece of advice: never buy the cheapest option. Always take the next step up. I had been considering the caterer who offered to feed us for $3 a person. It involved mac n’ cheese and paper plates. Not my finest moment. Thank God my Dad stepped in.

I’ve thought the same thing over the years regarding peanut butter. I’ll buy generic for a lot of things, but peanut butter is where I draw the line. It’s Jif, all the way. Some things are worth the money.

And with this theme, I bring you my latest brilliant mom idea… cutting my kindergartener’s hair… the night before school pictures. Yeah. I did it. You can stop cringing, this story has a happy ending.

Every time I’ve attempted to cut my son’s hair, he freaks out mid-cut and I end up having to bribe or threaten him to sit still so I can finish. Some times it turns out okay. Other times, it looks like crap. Tonight, he asked me to cut it so he could, as he put it, “look handsome for picture day.” I got out the buzzer thing. Yep, I don’t even know the word for it. Clippers? Anyway, I brought them out and propped him over the sink. Locks of hair began falling everywhere. Some got in his mouth. Panic set in. He began thrashing about. I began furiously trying to trim his hair before the inevitable happened. Then, it did. He jumped down and ran, as fast as he could, away from  me. One side of his hair was a good two inches shorter than the other.

I texted his dad. He came right over and took him to the barber. I think we could have fixed it ourselves, but with the added stress of impending picture day, we knew we had no room to screw around. An hour and a half later, my son returns home with an all but buzz cut and I am officially banned from cutting his hair.

In an effort to save a buck, what have you tried to do at home and failed miserably? All you Marth Stewart moms out there, please don’t send me your self-praising stories about how well you can do this and that at home. I’m not in the mood tonight. I just want to hear the horror/funny stories, thanks.


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  1. Bonnie Gallentine Melielo
    Oct 27, 2011 @ 05:51:32

    We were only allowed ginger ale: in the summer for special, when we were sick and when we had pizza or spaghetti. (milk will curdle in your stomach when drunk with tomato sauce). My mom thought cola was too strong for kids. Don’t remember when I had my first taste. We are not soda drinkers and neither are the girls. I put seltzer water with orange juice for a fizzy drink. 🙂


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