Bring Your Kids To Work Day

I just got off a plane. My third plane of the day. And, there was a helicopter ride too. Overall, awesome day! A weird note though: it didn’t occur to me until driving home just now, I haven’t seen a child all day. Not a single one. Considering I was flying in some tiny planes with some big turbulence, I think it’s probably best there weren’t any kids around.

Today was an unusual day at work. We flew to Iliamna. So friggin cool. Tomorrow, I’ll be back at my desk. In a building. In Anchorage. And… I may have two stragglers with me.

There’s no school tomorrow. My big kid day care is closed. Another mom at work is bringing her seven-year old. I texted my boss: Can I bring my big kids too? I’ve done this before at my previous job over Christmas Break. (Yes, I called it Christmas break because that’s what it is! Save your “Holiday tree” crap for someone else…) In my old job, I worked with high schoolers teaching them media. They made a lot of skateboarding videos. They had a lot of cool props. Think plastic swords and legos. It was a dream come true for my kids. They had a ton of fun. But, my new job is a much more adult setting. We like to swear a lot. Not that my kids have never heard a cuss word… But still…. I’m only in my third week of work there. Is it too soon to be schlepping my kids along?

Here’s my question for you: Have you ever brought your kids to work with you? Any funny tales there? Warnings? Did little Johnny xerox his butt or tell you loudly in front of your boss “You’re right, Mom. Your boss is funny looking!”  Any words of wisdom for me, assuming I take them with me tomorrow?

Oh. And one last note. You may have seen a somewhat negative note from a reader regarding my lack of responses to readers’ comments. I have written her an email apologizing for my slacking. Thank you to the reader who came to my defense. It is hard being a single working mom with three kids. It’s hard just being a working mom. It’s just hard being a mom. Let’s not spend our energy in a negative way. I write this blog to encourage other moms and give each other a place to laugh. Besides, being grumpy to other moms is against the rules of the League of Extraordinary Moms! Play nice.


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