The Battle Begins

My daughter argued with me yesterday morning over what she was wearing. She’s nine. I’m screwed.

It’s not like she wanted to put on a mini skirt and blue eyeshadow. She didn’t want to wear an outfit I’d picked out for her. It had the school logo on it for Spirit Day. Her brother had complied. He was already dressed and in the car. She, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with it. She loves her school, so I’m not sure where the drama sprouted from. At one point she screamed:

                                                                                               “It’s MY choice!”

I had a Madonna circa “Papa Don’t Preach” flashback.

I think my classy parenting response to that was something like “It’s a friggin shirt. Just get in the car.” Lovely. A memory I’m sure she’s bound to cherish for years to come.

My daughter has a very punk rock sense of style. I hardly ever tell her to change. Only when it’s really out there… She has a leopard print mini skirt. We did NOT buy it. I’m pretty certain it came from a bag of hand me downs. Still, she likes to wear that one. A lot. A friend of mine calls it her “meat skirt.” I’m trying to snag it out of circulation. She wears it with pants now. Her dad makes her change when he sees her in it. We agree: our daughter will not dress like a hoochie.

I see these outfits for little girls all the time in the store. Low cut. Inappropriate things written across the chest or butt. Now, this is about the time my mom or dad chime in, reminding me of the stuff I wore once. A short, little black dress comes to mind. But, that was high school, where girls are expected to dress like sluts! (Believe me, I taught high school for a year. I was nearly blinded by student cleavage on a daily basis.)

My goal is to make sure my daughter holds off on the hoochie clothes for a long, long time. Assuming you moms and dads have that same goal, what are you doing to make sure our daughters don’t wind up looking like Lindsay Lohan?


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maria
    Oct 07, 2011 @ 21:34:03

    Yeah. Why do elementary school girls need low rise jeans??!!! SERIOUSLY!!! My daughter has a butt. She’s not fat, but she has a butt. I’ve told her it’s normal. Normal people have butts. They make (those) pants for people who have no butt. If she can’t sit cross legged on the floor w/o her butt popping out of the pants, or mass amounts of underwear showing – we’re not buying em. BUT YOU CAN”T HARDLY FIND NORMAL PANTS!!! MY DAUGHTER IS 8!!! She DOESN”T NEED LOW RISE PANTS!!! Who decided that would even be a good idea to MAKE low rise pants for an 8 year old?
    But obviously. That drives me crazy.


  2. Lisa
    Oct 08, 2011 @ 14:56:06

    There are some great resources out there to teach modesty to our girls! The one I always used with my girls is called “Secret Keeper” by Dana Gresh. I kept the 12 point modesty check on our fridge for years. The VERY best thing one can do is lead by example though, and I’ve never, ever seen you dress like a hoochie 😉


  3. Rhonda
    Oct 13, 2011 @ 08:26:28

    For us I let the girls (4 of them) wear whatever they want as long as they are in the house – even makeup. But they know when we leave the house or have company over they have to dress appropriately for their age. My youngest is 4, oldest is 11. the idea is that if it is not completely out of the question its not something they crave. So while other kids we know long for make-up and crazy clothes, my girls just think its no big deal. I have the same rules for what I call “potty words” (not cursing, but just things you don’t want them to say such as poopy head or hate): you can talk potty words on the toilet only. Since they know they can do it, they really don’t want to.


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