Birthday Boy, Brownies and Boo!

Happy Birthday to my middle child! Six years ago, on October 5th, my sweet little man came into this world, Superman style. He had one arm up by his head. Yes, that means mega ouch.

My birthday boy wants to bring cupcakes to school tomorrow to share with his classmates. This, of course, means I need to make the cupcakes. No biggie. But wait, I only have carrot cake mix. Kindergarteners don’t seem to like that. Actually, I take that back. Here’s how it went down:

Speaking to my kindergartener on the eve of his birthday: “Baby, I only have carrot cake mix to make cupcakes or I can make brownies. Your choice.”

My nine-year old daughter interrupts with “Carrot cake? Gross!” (Mind you, this is the same child that asked for a psychedelic spice cake for her last birthday.)

The soon to be six-year-old pipes up with “Mom, do you have any zucchini?”

I see where he’s headed with this. He loves, loves, loves my zucchini muffins. They were the hit of preschool last year. And, because they are the same size as cupcakes, they can be carried in the cupcake courier. “No, buddy. Sorry!” I say.

“Hmm. Oh! Will you make your yummy frosting?” He asks, referring to the Hershey’s back of the box recipe frosting.

“Yes.” So, it’s brownies baking. I’ll have to make the frosting in the morning, which, by the way, contains an entire stick of butter, tons of chocolate and powdered sugar. I’d like to make an advance public apology to the teachers of my son’s kindergarten class.

Speaking of crazy, cracked out kids on sugar highs… lets talk Halloween for a second. What are your kids dressing up as? And are you dressing up? Does your family do a theme? Got any pictures? KTUU is doing a Halloween photo contest you should check out. You can send in your favorite Halloween pics and you might even see them on TV! Oh, and there are prizes….


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