Words That Make You Worry

We’ve all heard the words that freak us out as parents. No, not the alarming words from doctors or teachers. I mean the ones that come out of your children’s mouths. Here’s a little list of fear-inducing phrases I’ve been compiling:

“Quick! Mom’s coming!”

“I know, I know. Go to the corner.” Said by your child without you knowing what they’ve done.

“Mom, I really want a magnifying glass for my birthday!” (Pause long enough for you to have dreams of your child becoming an award-winning scientist, but then she continues with why she wants it…) “I really want a magnifying glass so when I look at leaves, it’ll make smoke!” And a budding arsonist is born…

“Mommy? Where do we keep the scissors?” said while petting the dog or cat, or while looking at themselves in the mirror.

“Do you like my makeup?!” said with excitement as the child is leaving your bathroom.

“Wow. That lady is really fat!” said within ear shot of the rather plump woman in the store.

“Does that man have a baby in his belly?” said incredulously while child stares and points at an obese man standing two feet from you.

And these two gems aren’t so much fear inducing as they are funny.

My kindergartener was watching the leaves fall this week and he said “Mommy! Those trees are getting naked!”

And yesterday in the car we were talking about Heaven and my son asked “Does Jesus play video games?”

My kids are always saying crazy stuff. Heck, I have an entire category of “Things My Kids Say” because of that. What are some of the doozies your kids have come up with that had you worried?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alexis
    Sep 29, 2011 @ 15:14:40

    Mom I think a teacher knows more then a waitress! Comment made by my kindy kid after a discussion on a meaning of a word her teacher had said I was unaware of!


  2. Lee
    Sep 29, 2011 @ 17:54:29

    My (grown) son would literally kill me if he knew if was telling this story. When he was around 4 or 5 he used to lay on the floor and pull himself around with his hands while dragging his lower half. For weeks I called him wormie while he did it. After awhile, I noticed he did it all the time. Finally I asked, “Wormie, why do you do that all the time?” He replied, “Because it makes my potty area feel good.” Alright then! LOL


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