The Daycare Dance

For nine to ten hours a day, or more, this person will form the little minds of your children. He/She will feed your child, change your child and sooth your child. Essentially, this person will take your place as primary caregiver during the waking hours of the work week. So, who is good enough to fill that role?

When picking a daycare, there are many factors to consider. Are they licensed? Caring? Fun? Educational? Safe? Skeevy? Yep, that’s the most crucial factor for me: Skeeviness. You can have the best daycare in the world, but if I feel that ick factor when I walk in the door, I’m out.

My toddler started a new day care this week. It’s licensed, clean and well recommended. I took him in last week to see if he’d like it there. He ran around, playing with toys and loving it. That is, until I took him back and left him there. Monday was his first day at the day care center. He cried when I dropped him off and he was crying when I picked him up. The day care people vow he didn’t cry the whole day long. I’m sure he didn’t. So far, the center seems like a good fit. The people are nice. The other kids seem happy. But, I did notice a swarm of flies in one room. I’m not kidding. It was kind of gross. But, we all know Fall in Alaska brings out the nasty. (So does Spring.)

The day care called my cell this evening, just before pick up time. The baby has a fever. You know what that means: he can’t go to day care if he’s sick. It’s not high enough to send him home tonight but if it gets higher, he can’t go tomorrow.

Today is only my second day on the job.



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  1. Clarice U (@hunnyakaclarice)
    Sep 28, 2011 @ 18:33:02

    O no! Fevers are the worst nightmare when it comes to daycares….Hope he feels better. Strange how they scream bloody murder when you walk in the door mine does the same. I know he stops eventually cause one time I dropped him off early and hung tight for a good 5-10 minutes around the corner and the second I was out of sight he was happy go lucky….weird huh?


  2. Momx5kidz
    Sep 28, 2011 @ 22:20:28

    First of all: Check out the “flies” situation!! I do not have flies, do you? ( one or two certain times of the year perhaps) I do not find that “normal” any time of the year….eewwwww…

    Next: “seperation anxiety” can cause a child to get a slight fever. If there is no fever at home, you have 3 choices. 1) Send the child back and see if he adjusts to the atmoshere or 2) there is a reason for the fever, as in other symptoms, find a good friend who might keep him until his fever is gone (does not make you a bad Mom-just promotes the seperation anxiety process.) Never let them realize that if they play the “sick game” Mommy will come running. Time to give up a little control, Mom *sorry* 3) Your child could actually be crying the entire time, if so, try to find the reason. It just might not be the best placement for him.

    Above all: TRUST YOUR MOMMY GUT!!


  3. Tara
    Sep 29, 2011 @ 00:24:17

    oh the daycare is a double edged sword isn’t it? i stayed home with my son for the first 6 months of infancy. i felt it was important that i was the person he was most strongly bonded with. it was something i had planned on and saved up for (staying home with him for 6 months)… then came time to return back to work. the position i was in had found another person who was a good fit, so I shopped around looking for another job and got a really excellent position at a Fortune 500 company. but, that meant my first day at a new job was going to be my first day taking my son to daycare. I asked around, interviewed daycares and in home providers, searching high and low for just the right fit. and i found someone i loved and who was perfect for us. and i’ll never forget dropping him off that first day and him crying and stretching out his arms for me… i cried all the way to work and had a heck of a time focusing on my new position and paying attention through orientation. SIGH! but then eventually… he stopped crying when I dropped him off and really began to look forward to seeing his new friends and playing at the center. honestly, it almost hurt more that he could care less when i drop him off now. lol, mom guilt… altho i am hoping that his being accustomed to the daycare/preschool routine will help ward off the First Day of Kindergarden Freak Out that I have been hearing about from friends who are currently going through it, :o/


  4. Lisa
    Oct 08, 2011 @ 15:06:17

    Since I’m one of the teachers in a school/daycare, you’d think I’d be immune by now! Not so much. This past summer I decided no matter what I was going to try to fend off the germs as long as possible. I swallow a ridiculously large amount of vitamins and probiotics on a daily basis, and try to get enough sleep (a huge trigger for me.) So far, so good. Although, the little germ factories in my class this year have sneezed in my face, coughed in my face, and daily eat their own boogers…it’s only a matter of time.


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