The League of Extraordinary Moms

Raise your hand if you’ve ever traveled with kids. Okay. Now, pull yourself off the floor and out of the Post Traumatic Stress induced flashback that had you rocking yourself in the fetal position.
I’m writing this from a plane. (Thanks Alaska Airlines for the free inflight wifi this month! At least it better be free…) When you are a mom traveling without your kids, you become acutely aware of the parents around you with children. When a baby cries, your milk might let down. Or, you might instinctively think or say “What?!” Our flight was on time. Was, being the key word here. We boarded the plane, turned off our electronic devices, fastened our seat belts and then… Nothing. The pilot came on and announced we had too much fluid and they had to drain it. He warned this would take at least 30 more minutes. My thoughts went instantly to the mother sitting a few rows behind me. I’d seen her struggling to carry her toddler and all the various crap that you have to shlep along when you travel with kids. When we first boarded the plane, the flight attendants made her get off. I think she just had too much crap. But, I spotted that look of desperation on her face. The one that says “Really?! Can’t you see I’m doing my best here???” I asked her if she needed a hand, and like most moms do, she said no.
Fast forward an hour later, and I can hear that well behaved toddler let out a little shreik just moments after the pilot says it’s going to be another 15 minutes. I can almost feel the tension in the air as the mom prays her baby will calm down and the passengers around them pray the same thing.
This brings me to my idea: The League of Extraordinary Moms. Almost like a crew of super heroes. They’d be moms who would stealthily appear in times of trouble and lend you a helping and non judgmental hand. Then, they’d disappear. You wouldn’t have to write them a thank you card or bake them cookies. They’d just be there when you needed them. My challenge to you is this: BE a member of The League of Extraordinary Moms. Help the woman flying alone with her kids. Offer to hold the baby of the woman in the public restroom trying to zip up the pants of her three year old. Smile at the mom who looks like she’s about to tear her hair out in the checkout line at the grocery store with a cart full of sticky kids and groceries.
Act. Do it. Then post your LOM moments. (That’s League of Extraordinary Mom moments, if you’re an exhausted mom too tired to make the connection…)
Get started LOMs!


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  1. stace8383
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 07:03:28

    What an excellent idea! I do try to help out when I can, but so often there is a fear of being rebuffed or possibly even making matters worse… I should be more confident and upfront in my efforts to make the lives of other mothers easier!


  2. bonniegm
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 07:25:31

    Already a member. 🙂 On one international flight (4 seats across the middle) I stood on my seat to help the mom behind me who was being completely ignored by the flight attendants!! Could care less if people thought i was “uncouth”. She needed help and it was the only way I could reach her. Have traveled across the US and up to Canada and back by myself with a 9 mo. old and a 3 yr. old. Have “walked in those moccasins”.


  3. Tiffani
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 23:53:23

    Amen sister! I know that there are plenty of times I could use an extra hand (both figuratively and literally) I recently flew across the country with two toddlers alone; to visit my TDY military husband who was gone for several months. This journey included a 6 hour layover, three airports and 22 plus hours from point A to B. Sigh. The flight attendant had just told me that I HAD to have headphones on my children as they listened quietly to Nemo at about the same time that we hit some turbulance. Seriously?
    Did I mention that I also have an unhealthy fear of flying which I desperately attempt to hide from my children? Being the only adult (and the one driving home from the airport) I didn’t want to calm myself with a glass (or two….) of wine. Thank God for the woman sitting next to me on the flight! I Iater learned that she did not have children of her own, but she did hold MY hand without so much as a word!!!


  4. Tara
    Sep 27, 2011 @ 13:50:14

    I hear you! I do offer to help & understand when told, “That’s ok.” I say the same thing…mainly because as a mom, you’re supposed to be able to do it all…right? It’s kind of a doubled edged sword when asking if you can help or being offered help…I haven’t given up asking to help though figuring someday, a desperate mother may accept. And maybe one day, I’ll accept the offered help. You are so right, LOM unite!


  5. kalleyc
    Sep 27, 2011 @ 16:56:16

    I love this idea! I try to offer help when I can, and if not help, at least understanding. If anything can unite women, it should be under the banner of motherhood.

    Gooooo LOM! 🙂


  6. Mom
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 04:54:09

    This is when you know your own daughter is a nice person, kinder person and great woman to be around…..wish I knew her when I was her age. But afterall she is my own. Proud of you . !!


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