Ch-Ch-Ch Changes…

As of next Monday, I will no longer be a Stay at Home Mom. Writing that sentence makes me sad, nauseous and excited. But, mostly nervous.

I got a new job. It’s a necessary evil. Being a single SAHM is not financially feasible. I’m sure I could scrape together enough to make it work, but I’d rather thrive than struggle to survive. As I write this, my sweet little baby boy sits on the floor playing with plastic Easter eggs. (Don’t judge me, I’m going to put them away eventually.) He has no idea what’s coming. Last night, when I told my kids about my new job, my nine-year old daughter burst into tears. My kindergartener essentially told her to suck it up, saying, “I’m sad too, but I’m not crying about it.” Ah, gotta love the kind, compassionate words of siblings.

Thinking about going back to work full-time scares me. I worry about losing that bond with my children. I think about the two short waking hours I will get with them every work day. That’s enough time to pick them up from day care, make dinner, eat and get in bed. And, somehow the house will magically clean itself.

A few months ago, I went to Mexico for my brother’s wedding. When I returned, my baby boy looked at me like he didn’t know me. When my daughter was a baby and I worked full-time, she used to cry when I picked her up from day care, she liked it there so much. Who am I if I’m not with them after school and not driving them on field trips? Life is funny like that. A few years back, I would have never imagined myself as anything but a news producer. Until I wasn’t. A little over a year ago, I started this blog with the unimaginable task of being a Stay at Home Mom. I couldn’t fathom what was before me. Now, I can’t fathom not being home.

Changes are good. I get that. I know this new job is an exciting new opportunity at a new career. It’s an incredible challenge and a great creative outlet. Please don’t mistake this post as a seeming disappointment about the job itself. It’s not. Instead, I’m mourning the loss of my previous job as a SAHM.

Folks, here’s what I need from you: What can I do to ease the transition from being here all the time to being a working (out of the home) mom? What will make it easier on my kids, especially the baby? What do you do to keep that bond?

Oh, and a quick note: Just because I will no longer be a SAHM, doesn’t mean this blog will end. I’ve had and will continue to have crazy mommy experiences while working outside of the home. No worries, the insanity will go on… Including this one sweet tidbit. My nine-year old daughter informed me yesterday that we were out of Nutella. She said “Mom, the Nutella is gone. My life is gone.” Uh, dramatic much?


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  1. Helene Stacy
    Sep 22, 2011 @ 19:21:35

    I make sure to have special days with me and my son…..baking cookies, going to the zoo, or just playing. I have come to let go of keeping the house “perfect.” Yes, I straghten up or clean when I can but I also make the time to truly enjoy being a mom! Working outside of the home isn’t easy but it doesn’t mean I love my son any less!


  2. Michael
    Sep 22, 2011 @ 19:27:18

    Nutella = Life


  3. Momx5kidz
    Sep 22, 2011 @ 23:47:28

    First, one day of the weekend is “cooking” day. Let them help, according to age. Shop, cook and freeze the entrees for the week. Yes, it is a pain but it will make your weeknights so much easier. During the cooking time give them quickie baths. The sooner you can get them to shower the better. The oldest can set the table for you. The kindergartner can help you clear it after dinner.

    Also, set out their clothes (for the week), each child has a laundry basket, so you can grab them an outfit each morning….The more you enlist their help the more “quality-time” you can insert into this activity.

    ALWAYS make time to listen to them…no matter what else you are doing. They really want to be heard, since they missed so much “Mommy time”. Multi-tasking will become second nature.

    Get a timer (with three kids you probably have one already)…According to age, youngest first, right before his bedtime, spend quality time with that child. Fifteen minutes actually will work…you will be surprised. The older two can be doing quiet things (or maybe “independent living skills, filling washer, cleaning room, etc.)

    After they are all in bed, take 30 minutes JUST FOR YOU!! Then do the “must-be-done’s”. Take a quick shower, drop into bed, and start all over again the next morning.

    GOOD LUCK!!!


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