Explaining September 11th

Yesterday, while the world remembered the attacks of September 11th, I spent the day riding my bike for Bike MS. So, I didn’t watch the hours of coverage on TV. And, I didn’t have the chance to explain the events of a decade ago to my children.

When my ex dropped the kids off last night, they told me all about how they had made cookies for the firefighters. It was a very sweet thought and I told them I was proud of them. But, I wondered how much they really knew about that day and why we were doing something special for firefighters ten years later.

This morning, on the way to school, as we passed the fire department, I told my kids again how proud I was of them for bringing the cookies to the firefighters. Then, I asked them: Do you know why you did that? Silence. I asked them what they knew about September 11th. They told me people died. I started to explain, the best I could, how those thousands of people died. I didn’t want to scare them. I told them bad guys were on airplanes. They said Daddy told them the bad guys distracted the pilots. At nine, five and one, that’s as far as I want to go on that front. I told them the bad men crashed the planes into buildings. I explained how firefighters and police officers rushed into the building to save people and how they died. Firefighters like the ones they made cookies for.

My nine-year old daughter asked if she was in my belly yet when that happened. The fact is, like many nine-year olds out there, she was a so-called 9/11 baby. It seems when the world panics, they turn to love to try to fix things. Though many horrible things happened that awful day ten years ago, a blessing came from it, too: my beautiful baby girl.

We’ve all  heard the “where were you?” questions about that day. Here’s my question for you: How have you explained the events of that day? If you had kids then, what did you tell them? And, if you have young kids now, how did you explain to them why we, as a nation, remember September 11, 2001?


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  1. Kassik
    Sep 13, 2011 @ 01:28:32

    I remember watching the events live on TV and being so angry. I watched Americans flying there flags and rushing help to NY. Then we watched as the media started screening why images of 911 they showed and the people slowly forgot.

    Don’t ever forget 911 or that there are bad people out there that want to hurt Americans. People in our own country are plotting everyday to hurt Americans because they hate us.

    Thank you to the fire fighters and police that rushed into the buildings saving many lives.


    • Momx5kidz
      Sep 13, 2011 @ 20:46:43

      I was not saying anyone should FORGET. I am saying it has double meaning for us and 4 of my kids have Special Needs. I have to filter information on a daily basis. That was all I was saying…no disrespect to the lives lost or the fear that this has instilled in all Americans.


  2. Momx5kidz
    Sep 13, 2011 @ 17:02:09

    We have a double whammy in our house. My husband, their Dad, passed away 9/12/2001…the day following the Terrorist Attack! So, not only do the schools cover that, the TV has non-stop coverage of it, but that also brings up all the sadness of their Daddy’s death! We just try to think of all the Miracles of that day (from the Attack) and tell “happy memories” about their wonderful Father. To discuss only the evil of that day will come later…there is no escaping it.


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