Mommy’s Special Band-aids

This morning, my son was snooping through my purse. Okay, its not really a purse. It’s a Subway kids lunch bag. But, it’s pink. And, it has all my crap in it. Anyway, he was snooping through my purse and pulled out a tampon.

He asked me: “Mom, what’s this?”

I think he was hoping it was a lollipop or something. “Well,” I began, “it’s a special Mommy band-aid.” This has been my go to explanation since my daughter started asking similar questions years ago. Thankfully, he dropped the topic. Now, I’m hoping it doesn’t come up again.


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  1. Momx5kidz
    Sep 02, 2011 @ 04:02:14

    When my neice was about 4 years old, my sister-in-law walked into the bathoom and my neice had taken an entire package of sanitary pads and wallpapered the walls with them My sister-in-law said the same thing…”those are Mommy’s bandaids”. My neice is now an adult and we still tease her about it. : )


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