A Long Night…

I am so tired. At some point after midnight, I felt a presence. Standing before me was my daughter, in that silent and creepy fashion. I screamed some obscenities out of sheer terror then she asked sweetly if she could come to bed with me. A short time later, my son stood in the same spot. His legs hurt. I mistakenly thought it must be morning and told him to watch cartoons. It was 2am. I caught on at 3, fed him Tylenol, rubbed his legs and laid down with him. He launched into a kindergarten monologue.
Here’s the stuff I can remember. Such jewels as…

I need to tell you the state tree.

I had a bad dream and if I close my eyes I might throw up.

A bad movie came on after Phineas and Ferb and these bad guys shot everyone and themselves. (He had been watching Disney channel, but switched it to the Hallmark Channel.)

Mom, you really need to brush your teeth.

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