“Miranda Rights” Mommying

“Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in a court of law.” This line from the Miranda Rights we have all seen or heard nine billion times, thanks to shows like Law and Order, came to my mind several times over the last couple of days.

The “Hot Sauce Mom” knows all to well that what you do in a public domain can and will get you in trouble. Jessica Beagley was found guilty yesterday of the misdemeanor charge of child abuse, after sending a tape to the Dr. Phil show, recording her disciplining her son over his behavior. The lawyers on both sides said she likely would never had been brought to trial, had it not been for that recording. Beagley’s lawyers say she was reaching out for help. The prosecution says she wanted the publicity. Either way, it was the going public part that seemed to damn her.

This blog is public. What I write here is open for all to see, including my soon to be ex husband. Last month, I posted about how I’m currently going through a divorce. Since then, I’ve been careful about what I write. I started this blog because I wanted to provide a place to share my honest thoughts, feelings, concerns and fears about being a stay at home mom. Being a parent, in general, is pretty tough! I hadn’t expected that, a year later, I’d be filing for divorce as a single, stay at home mother of three.

While I write about the kids’ crazy antics and the struggles of getting out the door every morning, I wonder… is this being held against me? Could this be held against me in the court of law? Holding a Starbucks cup while my son pees, while standing up, on a highway outside of Chicago could be breaking some sort of traffic law, I’m sure. Letting my nine year old watch a movie about a surfer girl who gets her arm torn off, may have been poorly thought out, but not illegal. (It’s a PG film, by the way.) And, there’s the time I left poop in a highchair while on vacation so I could deal with my toddler and the sudden appearance of Aunt Flo. Also, not illegal. Gross, but not illegal.

One of the things I like to keep in mind at all times is would I behave this same way if someone else was watching? You could insert anyone else in the situation and decide if your behavior is unacceptable. If Jesus were literally standing in front of you, would you tell your kid to “shut it”? Would you spank your child out of anger for stealing the last Oreo if your favorite teacher from high school were right there? Of course, this is all after the fact, when you have time to compose yourself, versus the spur of the moment “Crazy Mom” take over.

Ideally, we’d all expect the most from ourselves and others. But, we don’t always walk the talk. Is everyone’s public behavior up for scrutiny? Or, is it just those who send video tapes to talk shows or the other kind that write crazy blogs?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Momx5kidz
    Aug 25, 2011 @ 01:25:33

    Please don’t stop writing your true feelings. I have enjoyed your honesty about parenting sooooo much! I have shared your antics with numerous people. It really has helped others, including myself, to openly share our “Crazy Mom” moments. It’s amazing, and hilarious, at some of the stories I hear in return. It relieves the stress of parenting to know that we are ALL human! Your love for your children shines through and I can’t imagine anyone doubting that! Keep us smiling (and sane) please…


    • Mom Land
      Aug 25, 2011 @ 04:14:46

      Thank you so much for your support. It is really encouraging! Please do keep sharing my antics and share some of those you hear with us too!


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