Sharks, Prayers and Heaven

I did it again. One of those “Brilliant Mom Ideas” I get, then regret. It was the end of the first week of school for my kindergartener and third grader. I decided to reward them with a trip to the corner video store. But, I was a mean mommy because I didn’t let them pick… a process that takes forever and usually ends with one or both of them in tears. I went straight to the New Releases (they should just call this the “Pay More For It” section.) I chose two flicks. You may have read my post about “Mars Needs Moms.” The other movie was “Soul Surfer.” I explained the concept of the film to my kids before we even left the store: surfer girl gets bitten by shark, survives and thrives. Okay. Got it? Good.

We went home and watched the Mars movie. They got their designated dose of guilt. We ran some errands. They begged to watch a movie in the car. Really? We literally had just finished watching a movie. I said no. We got home. My kindergartener begged to sleep in Grandma’s bed. So, it was just my third grader and the baby. The baby still sleeps with me. (We broke out the big boy bed the other day. He cried. And cried some more. And he wasn’t even in it.) My third grader has this theory and expectation that every time her little brother gets to sleep with Grandma, she gets to sleep with me. I caved. We decided to watch “Soul Surfer.” This is when my “Smart Mom Spider Senses” should have started tingling. Nope. They failed me again. Enter dumb idea of showing my nine-year old a movie about a shark attack. Since I’d explained it to her ahead of time that she would be attacked (thinking I was being a good Mom), every time the surfer girl was in the water, my daughter would grip my shoulder and cover her eyes. With the absence of the tell-tale “duh duh duh dunn nunn nunn nuh” Jaws theme music… we really had no idea when the attack would take place. And when it did… Oh boy… It wasn’t even that horrific of a scene. She’s probably seen worse watching The Power Puff Girls. But… yeah… as soon as the screams started on the screen… the sobbing started in my bed. My little girl was beyond terrified. She said she was scared. I stopped the movie (making sure to not pause it on a bloody scene, like the time I accidentally paused Sex and the City on a Samantha spread eagle scene) and talked her down. I told her, it’s not real. It’s just a movie. Normally, this would work. However, when I was picking the movie at the movie store, I had told her it was based on a true story. Well, crap. I told her the scary part was over. The girl was okay. She wasn’t going to die. The shark was gone. It was all too much for her. She got up and ran to the bathroom, saying she needed to throw up. She didn’t. She finally calmed down. Or so I thought…

This afternoon, hours after my ex and I made the child swap, she called me crying. She said she wanted to go home. “Why?” I asked. “Because of that movie we watched,” she said. I again explained it was just a movie. She wanted to know if there are sharks in Alaska. “Yes,” I said, “But we don’t go surfing, so there’s really nothing to worry about.” Yeah… easy for me to say. I’m guessing there might be some bad dreams in her future. Poor thing.

Oh… and not to be outdone… I must share two little things my kindergartener said today:

“Mommy, is heaven small?”


We’ve started this “Top Ten” thing, where we thank God for ten things every day. It’s something I picked up at The Crossing, a church in Chugiak. So, we are doing our top ten this morning and my boy says “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…” You get the point. He said thank you ten times. And just when I was about to chastise him for cheating during prayers… he finishes the tenth thank you by saying “Thank you for my mom.”

Aww… makes your heart melt.


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