Mars Needs Moms, Kids Need Guilt?

My children and I just watched “Mars Needs Moms.” Spoiler Alert: Mars abducts this kid’s mom. Of course, it happened right after he’d been a total tool to her. He said something like “I wish I didn’t have a mom.” She cried. My kids wanted to know why she was crying. I explained that she did a lot for her child and her child seemed ungrateful. At first, my kids seemed sad. Then, I realized they were kind of faking it. My son says “Well, I don’t know why she’d be sad. He has to do everything around there.” That was the line the kid had given his mom after he’d been told to take the trash out.

The whole movie, predictably, sends the message that kids should love, cherish, honor and respect their moms. Splash a little guilt at the kids. Make them hug their moms. If guilt really worked like that, my son wouldn’t have promptly demanded cheese after the movie was over, then thrown a fit when he didn’t get it. I don’t think he’s too terribly concerned that I might get abducted any time soon.

Speaking of fit throwing, he’s been doing a lot of that this week. He started kindergarten Tuesday and I think it’s just all too much. Sensory overload. He loves school. He cried last night when I told him there was a weekend coming up. He insisted I take him back to the school at that very moment. Obviously, I didn’t. I’m happy he loves his school, but I could handle a little less drama from him when the day is done. Is it time to reinstitute napping?

Did you all see “Mars Needs Moms?” What did you think? And do you think guilt is a good motivator?


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  1. woodley2005
    Aug 20, 2011 @ 18:49:18

    I watched this the other night, because there are very few things I’ll let my 5-year old daughter watch if I haven’t (and soon enough, the same will be true for my 10-month old son) and thought at first “Oh she has to see this with the way she’s been talking to her father and I.” Then the ending came and well, let’s just say she’s been pretty sensitive lately and if I cry at the ending, I don’t think she’s quite ready for it either 😉 Most kids her age probably could watch it and be okay though. I’m not sure guilt is the best tool for learning, but yeah, I’ve done it before – what mom hasn’t? 😉


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