Back to School Bliss

My children are all cracked out. They’re high, not on sugar, but on the fun of the first day of school. My oldest two both had school today. They said it was “great”… Tony the Tiger style. Now, their extra spirit is driving me batty!

My oldest started third grade. This whole “first day of school thing” is old hat to her. But, her younger brother had his first, first day of school today. Kindergarten. He woke up at 5:30. I kid you not. He was that excited. I wasn’t too excited about waking up that early. I sent him to find his perfect outfit. Then, I just kept sending him back until my alarm clock went off. I took a series of pictures of him this morning. The first one, he was all smiles outside our house. The second one, outside the school, peering into the class, he had a look of trepidation. The third, he’s in the class. At his desk. His look may have been a mix of anger, panic, fear and anything else. Not so much excitement.

After school, they both went on and on about how great it was. They loved it. My kindergartener loved recess. My third grader loved PE. I loved being at home with just one child to tend to! It sounds awful, I know. But, geez. It was sooo much easier with just one! I got so much stuff done today. It was crazy!

Oh, and in the theme of back to school. Here’s some homework I forgot to turn in. Just a few funny things my kids have said over the last few days.


What he said: “I’m a terrorist!” Said while clawing at my back. “What?!” I ask, with patriotic alarm. “You know, a pterodactyl!”

What he meant: Terrorist= something from the Pterodactyl family.

Kindergartener again:

What he said: “Mom, you should put this on your kick stand!”

What he meant: Explaining this concept to me again after he saw the look of confusion on my face: “You know, that thing by your bed?” Me: “You mean a night stand?” ‘Yes!”

Third Grader:

What she said: “Mom, can I have some of that great Dear John Mustard?”

What she meant: “Mom, you know, the fancy mustard?” Me, trying to piece that one together: “You mean Dijon?”

They crack me up. Now, if they’d just simmer down and listen! Anyone else have a case of the “back to school and my kids won’t listen to a word I say” blues?


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