The Vacation Chronicles: Someone Needs a Nap

Someone needs a nap and I think it might be me.

I’ve noticed the first day I get my kids back after they spend time with their dad is the hardest day for all of us. Slightly different parenting styles and rules is one thing. But, I think the big difference is going from alone time with no real parental responsibilities, to full on Mom of three kids in about three seconds flat.

Within minutes of the swap of children today, the baby was screaming at the top of his lungs, the five-year old was hollering in a panicked voice about how he “really had to go” and my nine-year old just desperately wanted to show me the new cheerleading moves she learned while watching her cousin practice. On their own, I could handle each and every solitary problem. Combined, I was feeling a tad overwhelmed. I tried to return to my happy place two nights before, when I sat with a margarita in hand, watching the sun set on Lake Michigan. I tried to recall strolling through Chicago without having to worry about a child of mine darting into rush hour traffic. I even tried to think back about being able to sleep in, without nursing a baby multiple times in the night. Instead, all I could feel was stress.

The kids were up early this morning. That never helps matters. My five-year old has already been in time out. Multiple times. I believe, this last time, I told him to “quit the shit.” Classic parenting skills, right? This was about the time I realized maybe it’s mommy who needs a time out, too.

So, ladies and gents: what kind of suggestions can you offer for the transition period? Even if you are happily married and have your kids full-time, you still deal with the transition periods when you get the occasional night away from the kids. So, what do you do to ease back into things without becoming the Super Bitch Mom?


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  1. Maria
    Aug 12, 2011 @ 23:00:59

    I’m a single mom to three kids 6, 8 and 10 with a week on/week off schedule. On my weeks off, I clean, go out with my girlfriends, eat at restaurants, and SLEEP. After a week with their dad, they’re ready to come to my house. It’s like a whirlwind when they are with me, but one I hate being without. So I guess at the end of the week – I’m ready for them to be back. I’m rested, I’ve gotten plenty of “me” time, even maybe been on a date or two, and I”m ready for grilled cheese sandwiches, fights over who gets to sit in the front, and family movie nights.


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