Leaving on a Jet Plane… With Kids

Here we go again. We leave tonight for my brother’s house outside of Chicago. That means me and my three kids on a lonnnnng flight. Dear Lord, help me now!
This, my friends, is my desperate plea for guidance. The flight down is a red eye. In the ideal world, my crazy little people would sleep. So, back to reality… what can I do to entertain them during this cross-country flight? This is massively important, people, and not to be left to chance! Once, on a flight to Disney Land a few years back, our oldest, who was probably four at the time, started screaming “The plane is going down!” mid-flight when we hit some turbulence. Yeah… not good. The flight attendant actually came and told us we needed to calm her down or they were sending the pilot back. Really? Great. Does he have some magic to keep her quiet? You try reasoning with a terrified four-year old who has worked herself up to the point of hysteria!
Yeah… so… don’t want to do that again. All three kids seem okay with planes… right now. They are eager to see their cousins. I’m eager to read a book. Stop laughing now. I know. I won’t ever get through a book again, except Curious George, until they are older. Could you try not rubbing it in?
What can I pack for them to keep them quiet on the flight? I really don’t want to bring a ton of stuff and would love to NOT bring any electronic game systems.
Thoughts? Oh, and here’s the thing… I need advice for three age groups: nine-year old girl, five-year old boy and 18 month old boy. Go!


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  1. 907Mom
    Aug 02, 2011 @ 01:19:13

    Just travel back East w/our 7,6 & 3yo. We got refurbished ipods(not the phone)then downloaded free/cheap ed. games, movies, audio books etc, also got them headphones. Had toys(quiet ones) hidden in each child’s carry-on for them to find in between games & snacks. I made sure the toys didn’t have a bunch of pieces & I already had them out of the package. Also each child had coloring book & note book for them to draw the ‘story’ of their trip. I carried empty water bottles, then had the flt. att. fill them after we boarded – no spills. I also packed each a small bowl to pour snacks into. Got travel pillows w/blankets inside at Freddys about $10. Everyone was kept busy & comfortable. Even had a couple of positive comments on their behavior. Good Luck!


  2. Chrissy
    Aug 02, 2011 @ 04:14:15

    Benadryl for the kids, cocktail for you! 😉 goodluck and have fun!


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