Rockin’ the Laundry

My ex has the kids today. So, what do I decide to do? Did I make the most of my day? Read a book, maybe? Ride my bike? Nope, I cleaned the bathrooms and did the laundry. (I did have some fun today, but still…)

First, why oh why is it that the bathrooms of young children are perpetually dirty? You could come scrub my toilet right now, walk out the door, turn around and viola… it would be filthy again. The kids’ bathroom was a horror movie in itself. There was pee on the lid, on the seat, at the base and pretty much everywhere but in the bowl. I take that back. There was pee in the bowl, along with toilet paper, and judging by the smell of it, it had been there for at least a few days. Yum.

After the great bathroom scrubbing event of 2011, I decided to do a bit of laundry. I’d had this brilliant idea a few days ago too. That’s when I’d started the wash… and left it there. Oops. So, I did the old sniff test. (The sniff test, by the way, is a pretty good indicator of a lot of things. It works well on determining if my kids are lying about whether they’ve brushed their teeth and it’s great when you are running late to drop the kids at school and you throw on the only clean-looking thing in the room. Sniff sniff and you know.) I determined the laundry would survive if I threw it into the dryer with a few extra dryer sheets. It was when I was doing the transfer that I heard it. A weird clank clank sound came from the dryer as I tossed the clothes in. It wasn’t until I had loaded all the clothes in that I saw what was making the sound: a handful of pebbles littered the base of my washing machine.

Now, let me say this… pebbles made me laugh. My mother tells stories of a much worse washing experience. She was taking the clothes out of the dryer at our house in Texas when my brothers were little when she found a horrific item: a very dead frog. No clue if it was dead before it went through the spin cycle.

I’ve given up being productive today. It’s technically past the kids bed time and even if they aren’t here, this is when I consider the shift to near its end. Wine. There will be wine.


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  1. Amy
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 22:34:03

    When I was a child, my mom had a boyfriend who sat down on the toilet to pee. (Yes, I was a kid who barged in without knocking…I complain about that now!) He explained that things splash too much because of his height. I implemented that rule in our household – boys and dads sit down to pee at home. SOOOO much cleaner, and no more falling in the toilet in the middle of the night because the seat was left up. HIghly, highly recommended… 🙂


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