Breastfeeding: A Real Pain in the Boob

I’m writing an article for a local magazine about the challenges of breastfeeding. You know, sore nipples, breasts as hard as rocks, the early stuff. What kind of woes should I discuss? I’m looking for a top ten. Again, these are just the early breastfeeding days woes.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that business out-of-the-way… lets talk about the latter woes of breastfeeding. My 18 month old son, who has a mouth full of teeth, shows no sign of stopping breastfeeding any time soon. This concerns some people, who give me the look like Salma Hayek’s character gave the mom in “Grown Ups” when she said her breastfeeding son was 48 months old. My kid is not four. He’s still a baby, for Pete’s sake!

The World Health Organization encourages mothers to breast feed until their child is two. To some, this seems obscene. I love the bond breastfeeding provides. I’m able to offer my baby boy comfort and nutrition and antibodies, all at once. Take that, Formula! But, it has its drawbacks, at times. For one, I want my boobs back. It’s hard being someone else’s food source. Secondly, I hate pumping. Hate it. But, if I didn’t, I’d explode when I’m not around him. Third, I want a full night’s sleep. When my kids are with my ex, he’s able to get him to sleep. And keep him asleep. Without boobs. But, when the baby is with me, he will not sleep unless he’s nursing.

I know teaching your child to self soothe is crucial. Well, I missed that step. So, now what??

I don’t want to stop nursing entirely. I just want an eight-hour stretch of sleep. Okay. That may be asking too much. How about six hours? I’d take just six hours.

Last night, I’d had my max of nursing in the night. I tried to detach. It woke him up. I tried soothing him. Nope. He screamed. I rocked him. He screamed. I held him. He screamed. He fell asleep eventually. It took a long, long time.

Help with this one, folks. And, please do send me your breastfeeding woes from your early days.


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