Boys and their Toys

My preschooler has a new favorite toy. I’ll give you a hint: it’s in his pants.

He’s been walking around, essentially one-handed for quite some time now. Because, one hand is always on his junk. I thought we’d gotten a good handle on the problem (pardon the pun) until my girlfriend pointed out he was doing it. All. The. Time. Sure enough, I looked at him as she said this and there was his hand, scratching/pulling/rubbing/cuffing his stuff.

In our previous discussions about this subject, I’ve attempted not to put that whole “you’ll go blind” shame on him. I told him there are appropriate times and places to explore our bodies: the bathroom or his bedroom, both when he was the only one present. This strategy worked, for a while anyway. But, the temptation to touch has only increased as he’s gotten older. I’m constantly at him with the questions: “Do you have an itch?” or “Do you need to go potty?” These are typically answered with “Nope.” This leads me to the conclusion that he just likes touching it.

What can you say or do to stop this seemingly natural event? My toddler does it as well, just not to the extent of his older brother. The diaper serves as a good barrier. But, oh boy, at bath time… watch out. He grabs hold and just keeps pulling. At first, he giggles, then, as if his own hand did not belong to him, panics as he stretches the items to a length they should not be stretched. My friend’s son had surgery when he was young. When he came to in recovery, his hands were down his pants. The nurse said all the boys wake up from surgery that way. It’s just a comfort thing.

If it’s such a natural thing, what can I possibly do to curb the habit? His Dad is talking to him about it today. Here’s hoping his new favorite toy will get a little rest.


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  1. Lisa
    Jul 18, 2011 @ 20:22:15

    All I can say is thank God He saw fit to give me girls!


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