Thirty Something

I had a sleepover at a friend’s house Saturday night. You know, like old times. We didn’t braid each others hair or anything. Although, there was ice cream and popcorn… We were two moms and a TV. We were not subject to Barney or Elmo. Instead, we watched Thirty Something. Remember that show? It came out in the mid to late 80s. As the name implies, it’s about people in their 30s. Now that my mom friend and I are people in our 30s, we decided to check it out. Her husband grabbed a copy from the library. We watched.

The first thing we noticed about Thirty Something is the actors didn’t look thirty something. They looked forty something. Some looked fifty something. And, while my kids are quick to point out my wrinkles, I don’t think I look nearly as old as these people did!

Secondly, Thirty Something appeared to be spot on when it came to some aspects of mominess. Especially stay at home mominess. The main character in the pilot episode attempts to go to lunch with a friend who doesn’t have kids. She brings her baby along and before she’s even had a chance to take a sip of water, she has to leave because her baby is totally spazzing. What the director got right in that scene is portraying the complete and utter embarrassment, frustration and powerlessness you can feel in a situation like that. You could tell how upset she was that she couldn’t stay and be a “real person” for just a half hour. In another scene, she talks about the dichotomy of being a mom. She loves her child more than anything but she struggles with finding herself in that. It’s a complete identity transformation. Then, you add Dad into the mix. Her husband finally tells her near the end of the episode how left out he feels. He describes feeling like a toddler: her attention has shifted from him to the baby.

The whole driving plot in the pilot episode is how the main characters are attempting to go plan for a backpacking trip with their best friends who don’t have any kids. They try to find babysitters, which is a struggle in itself, all the while the mom struggles with the guilt of leaving her baby alone for the first time. Gotta love hormones.

I think the thing I liked best in the episode was the line about houses with kids are always sticky. So true.

Now that we’re all Thirty Something (plus or minus a few decades) how do you feel about being a grown up? What do the movies or TV shows get right about being a parent? What do they get horribly wrong? What do you wish they would show? And, will our houses ever be not sticky again?


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  1. Lisa
    Jul 06, 2011 @ 16:13:39

    Even with teens, my house is STILL sticky! (Although, I’m pretty sure that just displays my lack of cleaning diligence at this point.) I don’t watch many things that mirror real life. I want my entertainment to be entertaining. I did realize the other day that almost ALL the shows I do watch involve crime and murder. Not sure what THAT says about me or my parenting skills (as my kids watch those shows with us!)


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