Waiting for Pain

A friend of mine (the same friend we discussed in a previous post regarding circumcision) is overdue. When you’ve been pregnant for 10 months, being two days overdue feels like a life time. She put up a facebook post asking for advice on how to speed things up.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I went into preterm labor. I spent much of the rest of my pregnancy on bed rest. When I was finally permitted to proceed into labor (thanks for the permission, folks) it took forever! I wasn’t overdue, but I was darn close. My nurse suggested I eat basil, run around and have sex. It was the day before my due date when I went into labor. Funny how once it finally came, how much I did not want to be in labor. I’d have given anything to go back to my second trimester at that point!

My second pregnancy, I went into preterm labor again. Did the bed rest thing again. (That, in itself, should be a blog. A look into the psyche of a psychotic pregnant woman who could snap at any time.) I went into labor three and a half weeks early. They let me proceed. (Again, thanks.)

My third pregnancy, I was teaching at Dimond High School. My due date was mid January. I ended the Fall semester hugely pregnant. People often confused me for a student. (At least I looked young. A young blimp.) My students kind of veered away from me in the classroom, fearing I’d burst at any time. My boss did the same thing, for fear of my water breaking all over his feet. When we all left for Christmas break, we all assumed the next time they saw me, I’d be carrying a newborn. They were wrong. Come Spring semester, in January, I was back. And I was even bigger. Everyone who saw me would stare in disbelief and ask me “When is that baby coming?!” in an almost accusatory way, like I had a secret pact with the baby to hold out until February. Finally, a few days after my due date, my midwife called and asked if I wanted to try to move things along. WARNING: Stop reading if you are easily grossed out. Hell, if you’re easily grossed out you should never read my blog! Anyway, she stripped my membranes, gave me black cohosh, hooked me to a breast pump, had me take hot showers and walk around. (That was in a several hour period- not all at once!) I feel like, looking back, I shouldn’t have messed with nature. My nine pound baby came bursting into the world a few hours later. He would have come out in own time anyway.

Now, my poor friend sits and waits for her third child to greet the world. Besides basil and sex (not at the same time) what do you suggest to get this party started? She’s eager to meet her baby boy.



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  1. Amy
    Jul 02, 2011 @ 00:57:46

    Walk, walk, walk. Let gravity help put pressure on that cervix! And, after those long walks, if you still have any energy…nookie time. Eat pineapple too. Repeat. :). These are all natural things that help if your body is ready. Your baby knows what’s best for him though…if your baby needs a few more days to prepare for the world, so be it. Artificially inducing labor makes for a much more difficult birth. Trust your body and your baby. 🙂


  2. stace8383
    Jul 03, 2011 @ 11:03:39

    I hear hot foods like curries are meant to help!!


  3. Domestiç Reclusë
    Jul 04, 2011 @ 03:41:59

    I can tell you what doesn’t work: Four-wheeling via the use of a 5-ton truck or a HUMVEE. 😉 It’s something people thought would work for me when I was in the military, and since we were a unit that deployed a lot — we had to do vehicle checks monthly. Guess who they thought would benefit from the vehicle checks? LOL Well, at least they did provide me with a shotgun rider, just in case…
    In the end, I think the baby will come when it’s ready, sometimes that’s before the due date, and sometimes it’s after. Due-date prediction business isn’t foolproof either, as it’s done/interpreted by the much-flawed human species. 😉
    Just tell your friend to relax, she’ll have the next 17 to 21 years to hold her child in her arms. Enjoy the intimate belly-bonding moment while she can! 10mos is nothing compared to the next 17-21 years. 😀


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