The F Bomb and Birthday Cakes

Teaching your kids new things is great. I take pride in showing mine how to make a recipe or learn how to swing on their own. But, a lesson in obscenities is always accidental and damning.

Earlier this week, I was on the phone, when my older children came running and the baby started screaming, all at once. That’s never good. The baby’s finger was stuck in the door of the entertainment center and in an attempt to get it out, the kids had squashed it even more. My sweet little guy was panicked, as were his older brother and sister. I carefully removed his finger from the make shift vice and held him as he wailed. My husband, who was on the other end of the line, asked what was wrong and how bad off his finger was. And, in my panic, and with slight annoyance over the question, I snapped into the phone “His finger is f&cked!” This, of course, was well within ear shot of my older children who have, unfortunately, become accustomed to my verbal (often profanity laced) outbursts. I had thought I’d gotten away unscathed.  Not so much. Hours later, as I inspected my baby boy’s finger, my preschooler poked his head up to see the damage. “You’re right, Mom. His finger is f&cked.” He says. “No! You can’t say that word!” I choke. “Why not?” he asks, followed immediately by, “You say it.” He’s got me there.

My daughter’s ninth birthday is this coming Monday. She’s been counting down the days, hours, milliseconds. She has master plans of what she wants to do. Her aunt usually makes my children’s birthday cakes. I asked my daughter what she wanted for this year’s cake. She’d like a spice cake. With bubble gum ice cream inside. And chocolate frosting. With rainbows. And, it has to be Rapunzel. My sister in law’s response? “Is she high?! Fine. I’ll make it, but don’t be offended if I don’t eat it.” I think that goes for everyone…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christy
    Jun 25, 2011 @ 09:45:58

    I want to help you make that cake! Please please please! As a matter of resume, I once made an albino gingerbread man on request, his eyes were made of red hots.

    And your swearing story made me laugh! 🙂


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