Stay at Home Mom Seeking Sanity and a Schedule

I’m reading the book “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett. She writes about a journalist, writing about “The Help” from their perspective. (You may have seen the movie trailers.) It’s set in Mississippi, during the civil rights movement. So far, great read. The story is told through the eyes of the white journalist, along with two black maids. It tells of the long, grueling days these women have, tending to other people’s children and cleaning their homes. It’s inspiring and heartbreaking.

Reading this book, I’m struck by how easy my life is. At least I don’t have some crazy white lady barking orders at me. I’m also struck at how well-behaved the children are! Mine are currently screaming in the background. And, I’m struck at how much these women are able to accomplish. They work, work, work all day long. They cook, they clean, they tend to kids. I am struggling to get one task done at a time.

One of the ladies in the story, Minny, talks about Tuesday being sheet changing day. Maybe that’s what I need: a set schedule. I mentioned this concept in a post when I first started staying home. It’s tough trying to come up with a set equation when the variables keep changing! Math professors of the world- solve this one! Kids must be in different places every day, the same chores are always there, but then you have to add in new ones, like when my toddler angrily threw a glass container, shattering all over the bathroom floor. Argh!!!

Ladies and gentlemen- what works for you? How do you make it all work?


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