Working… 9 to 5…

Ah, yes, lets get some old music stuck in your head.

Yesterday, I filled in at my old station. It was nice to actually be there when people were there too. The last few times I’ve filled in, it’s been a weekend and I could have stripped naked and written the news and no one would have noticed, as I was the only one, besides the master control operator (who keeps the station on the air), in the entire building.

Going from SAHM to mainstream employee (as mainstream as TV, anyway) is quite an adjustment.

First, I had to get day care. Thank God for 16-year-old cousins, willing to watch my three children in exchange for dinner at Chilis.

Then, I had to wake up in the morning! And be functional! This entails showering before noon, blow drying ones hair and applying makeup.

After that, I had to decide on an outfit. If you’ve read my posts about “The Mommy Uniform” (ie, yoga pants- and yes, I am wearing them as I type this), you will know that putting on work clothes is kind of like playing dress up. I wore slacks, a blouse and heels. Heels! It may have even matched.

Out the door, and on to the commute. It was oddly thrilling to be in traffic with other people all on their way to work. Though, I had the satisfying knowledge that I got to have the rest of the week “off.” (Can you consider tending to small children all day “off?”) 

At work, the rush of working in a TV newsroom returned to me. The best part? The swearing. Ah, yes. I know it’s juvenile, don’t judge me. But, getting to use “bad” words around grown ups, without having to “earmuff” my kids was awesome! It’s not like I dropped the F bomb at every turn, but it was nice to know I could.

One thing I had somewhat forgotten about in working in TV is the sitting. When you’re a producer, versus a reporter or photographer, you end up sitting on your butt a majority of the day. Moms and Dads, you know, despite the bob-bon eating stereotypes, there’s not a lot of sitting that happens when you’re home with the kids. Especially if you have a toddler. Running. You do lots of running, chasing and leaping, in attempts to save your child or save something from your child. Not so much when you’re working at a desk job all day.

Something I did appreciate, beyond the ability to swear to my heart’s content, was the requirement to read. When you are deciding what goes in a newscast, you have to read. A lot. That’s not something I get to do much of at home, unless you count children’s books. There are plenty of pretty good children’s literature out there, beyond Jack and Jill, but sometimes you want to read something not meant for children.

Oddly enough, the story that drew my attention yesterday pertained to children. Specifically, having children. The story was called “Gender Diet.” It was about these products you can find online that claim to help you pick the gender of your unborn child. The reporter, Vicky Nguyen, interviewed a mom-to-be who ate for a boy, before conception. That meant a diet packed with protein and potassium. Mmm… bacon. Parents wanting a girl should eat lots of dairy and veggies and  cut out chocolate and salt. Mmm… ice cream.

The diets weren’t cheap. You also had to take a load of vitamins. It’s $200 for a month’s supply, but that comes with  a money back gender guarantee. (Do they take the boy baby back if you really wanted a girl?) Of course, the reporter also talked to an OBGYN who said she was wary of the vitamins, but said you can pick a gender based on timing. Interesting stuff.

The gender diet story, along with ones about President Obama visiting Puerto Rico, and airline baggage fees, drew me in. I was able to read, without interruption by small children. Of course, I did have to dedicate a part of my brain to listening and filtering out scanner traffic, but still… it was good.

Having said all that, I didn’t get home until 6:30. That traffic that seemed alluring on the way to work, sucked on the way home. I hadn’t made dinner. I still had to drive my cousins back  to the valley. We didn’t get into bed until almost 11. That’s a lot of effort. While effort and paychecks are good things, I was so happy to see my kids when I came home. My toddler greeted me with a squeal and a hug. (He later punished me for leaving him by squealing/screaming all through dinner at Chilis.)  My older kids ran upstairs to say hi and tell me all about their days. It was nice. You know what else was nice? Sleeping in until 8 something this morning with my boss (the toddler tyrant) asleep next to me.

Working 9 to 5 is great, swearing is fun, reading is grand, but I prefer my 24/7 shift in Mom Land. If only I could work in a coffee break….


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