Stuff My Preschooler Says, Part 900: Does He Hate Me?

My preschooler/soon to be kindergartener says some random stuff, almost as random as the stuff I find in my washing machine or dryer. (Today it was a raisin, plumped up by the water of the wash.) And like the washer, the things that come out of his mouth astonish, shock, terrify, amuse, annoy and entertain me. They make me laugh and cry, make me feel proud and embarrassed. It just depends on the day, hour or minute.

Yesterday, during the drive home with my kids, we started talking about Jesus. My kids wanted to know why he had to die for our sins. (Pretty deep stuff for a Sunday afternoon!) That, of course, led to a definition of sin. I steered clear of the talk of adultery and murder, but talked about taking God’s name in vain, lying and generally being bad to each other.

My preschooler says “Geez, we’re always bad to each other!” (I’m assuming “we” was the collective human race.)

I respond “Yes, but God wants us to try to be nicer to each other. We have to pray for things like patience and tolerance.”

He says “You mean like how you always pray to be a better mom?”

“Yes,” I say, happily. (At least he’s listening at prayer time!)

“But you never are…” he trails off.

Thank you. Thanks, son. Always there to humble me. Upon further questioning, he explained I’m not a good mom because I send him to his room when he does things like slap his baby brother. Yep, I’m terrible.

Another day, another encouraging word by the boy. Today, in the car again, he starts talking about an upcoming trip to see my brother and his kids in Michigan.

“Mom? Listen, we’ve been thinking…” he says. (By this point I’m starting to wonder: Am I getting dumped?)

“Yes? What have you been thinking?” I ask, wearily.

“You should stay home when we go to Michigan. You need some rest. Grandma can take us. You can stay here.” He says.

“What? Why?” I ask, in the way most girls do when they’re getting dumped. “But, I want to see my brother.” I plea.

My daughter defends me on this point, in a stage whisper “Yeah, Uncle is her brother, you know.”

Without skipping a beat, my son has his counter point ready: “That’s okay, Mom. We’ll be sure to tell you how he’s doing.”

So, in two days time, I’ve become a bad mother in the eyes of my son and now I’ve been uninvited on a family vacation. Great. Thanks.



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  1. Domestiç Reclusë
    Jun 15, 2011 @ 04:20:17

    LOL Kids and their thought process… they sure can be quite serious and yet somewhat hilarious! My rugrat was maybe 4yrs old when she asked me if she was born with no legs because of a baby pic she had seen of herself, which showed her from the waist up. …Or when she asked me how Spongebob pees if he’s a sponge — because as we all know, sponges (at least those in the kitchen) have no privates. LOL

    Anyways, I noticed that you’re a SAHM like me, so I was wondering if you’d like to join my new SAHbbatical blog-hop for Stay-At-Home parents? I have you listed on my blogroll but with that list growing & taking up a lot of real estate on my blog, I plan on removing the blogroll altogether…

    Before I do, I wanted to give those on my blogroll the opportunity to be showcased in my SAHbbatical blog-hop instead. I think it has the potential to become a great method of encouraging guests to mingle amongst particular blogs.

    Thanks for sharing your SAHM experiences; hope to see you again soon!


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