Ready in 15 Minutes

I think there’s a secret conspiracy between the pharmacy and the supermarket. Whenever I go to pick up a prescription, it’s never ready. They always say “It will be ready in 15 minutes.” You know what happens in that 15 minutes? I buy crap I don’t need and didn’t intend to buy.

Today, I took the baby back to the doctor. He was up all night coughing, screaming and crying. Then, when he did doze off, he woke up with a fever. Fun times. Anyway, it’s his ear infection that has returned. So, I was sent to buy a new round of antibiotics. (Shouldn’t you get a refund if the first round doesn’t work??) I thought ahead of time about the all too familiar scenario of waiting an extra 15 minutes. I decided I would preempt this by driving to another store to run some errands while I waited. Shopped the discount racks. (It’s just shy of a full blown addiction.) Even with the 50% off items, I still bought $37 worth of stuff. Alaska is expensive!

Assured that 45 minutes had passed since the prescription had been called in, I drove back to the pharmacy, pulled up to the window, gave them my son’s name, and… You guessed it. “It will be ready in 15 minutes.” I parked the car and waited, thankful that the baby was finally able to nod off, at least for a few minutes. And, a tad concerned about the $37 worth of discount dairy items I didn’t need to buy that were now sitting in my car in the sun.

I waited exactly 15 minutes and pulled up to the window. I wasn’t going to tempt myself by actually walking in to the store. Paid for my second round of antibiotics and drove away.

By the way, the prescription has a weird side effect I’ve never encountered before today: it can turn my baby’s poop red. Fun. Remind me of that when I post my kid is pooping blood.


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  1. Kara
    Jun 11, 2011 @ 23:17:27

    When Lucas was getting his chemo, one of his meds turned his urine red for a day. It was HYSTERICAL – coincidentally, my mom had got him a pair of bright red Spiderman jammies the night before. Despite my pleas to wash them first so they didn’t bleed all over him, she gave them to him fresh off the hanger. The next morning when he got up, his nice white hospital sheets were pink, his various tubes were pink, his skin was a very unnatural shade of pink, etc. He thought it was very funny that his new jammies had caused that much damage – especially when he went to the bathroom later that day and started yelling “Mommy my jammies made me PEE pink too!” Ahh, the joy of bodily fluids/substances.


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