Gee, Thanks Kids

My car is running in the garage. No, I don’t have a death wish. It’s running because I just had a friend over to jump it for me. You see, the kids, for the second time in a matter of months, turned my interior lights on in my minivan. And, they stayed on… all night!!!! Argh! So, as we got up this morning, and I prepared to send them away for bible camp for the first part of the day, we couldn’t leave because my car wouldn’t start. Gee, thanks kids.

Another “thankful” moment… last night, we were feeding a neighbor’s cats. (It’s a paid gig for my oldest child.) Anyway, we are up at our neighbor’s house. I’m holding the baby in my arms and he’s kind of positioned in a way that squishes the muffin top off to one side. My daughter walks up, pokes it, and says “Mom, you’re fat.” “Gee, thanks.” I reply. “No, mom. It looks like you have a baby in there.” “Honey, that’s not really nice to say.” “No, MOM! Really. It looks like you’re pregnant.” Gee, thanks kids.

It’s not yet noon. The day will pick up. The day will be better, right? Did I mention the baby has a fever? The day is what you make of it…. I’m off now to have some coffee and keep chanting those words…

AND… the baby’s diaper just oozed its contents out on my pants…..


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lisa
    Jun 07, 2011 @ 23:32:35

    I usually get picked apart by my students (my own kids know I will lovingly point out their flaws should they point out mine.) Some things I heard this year: “Mrs. Mongold, your tooths are pushed out.” (meaning crooked) “Why are your eyes cracked?” (bloodshot) “What’s that red spot on your face? Do you have chicken pox?” (no, just hormones)
    Kids…gotta love ’em.


  2. Aimee Woodley
    Aug 20, 2011 @ 06:32:54

    “Mom, how do you know when you’re having a baby?” My 5-year old.
    “Because I think you’re going to even though you said me and brother are more than enough.”


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