The grass is always greener

My next door neighbor has the perfect lawn. He tends to it, day and night. He also has cool toys, like remote controlled cars, helicopters, four wheelers and an abundant supply of bottled water. To my children, his yard is the coolest place ever. They beg to go by. All the time. The grass is, literally, always greener over there.

My neighbor across the street has apparently also made the cool list. She came out the other day with her dogs and my kids latched on to her. She said she was going to do some gardening, which, of course, they offered to help with. They completely ignored the fact that we’d be gardening in just a few minutes at our own house. An hour or so later, she came by to escort them to her house to garden. They returned two hours after “gardening.” Apparently, gardening to them means pulling weeds for about two minutes and then playing on their trampoline and swing set, then eating them out of house and home. I’d fed them hotdogs before they left, but food always tastes better at someone else’s house, right?

I guess I should be happy my kids are so friendly with our neighbors. Anything is an improvement over our last house. They used to walk right over in their pjs to our neighbor’s house. She’d make them snacks on pretty much a daily basis. At least they’d knock first.

Are your kids addicted to the neighbors?


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