Rainy Days

It’s raining, it’s pouring. Well, okay, it’s not pouring. It’s more like a drizzle, if that. And, there’s no old man snoring anywhere. Although, the baby is napping downstairs.

It’s the first day of summer that we’ve been banished indoors. I’m sure I could pretend to be a hard-core Alaskan, and force myself and my kids to go outside anyway. But, I’m not, so we won’t.

With the rain and wetness outside, I’m having to take a hard look at what I’ve been ignoring inside: the mess. My sink is full of dishes. My table is stacked with papers and clothes that need to be put away. The floor could use mopping, again. Am I doing any of this? Nope. I’m sitting here, writing about it instead.

My kids, however, are cleaning their rooms. Do as I say, not as I do. Right? My daughter is actually doing a really good job. Her little brother is sitting on his butt, but at least he’s not messing anything up!

Rainy days also bring the dreaded “I’m bored!” and “What are we doing today?” comments, complaints and questions. I say this a lot, but I don’t think I was like this as a kid. My neighborhood friends and I would wake up, eat (only if forced to) and run out the door, not to return until we were hungry or ordered to return indoors. I was a latchkey kid. There wasn’t anyone to complain of being bored to. Maybe that’s the difference.

When the rain falls, what do you and your kids do? So far today, we’ve read some books and cleaned up a bit. I even let them watch some PBS while I ran and took my first shower in a number of days. (It’s a gross number of days too. Don’t judge me. I have three kids.)

What are your favorite rainy day activities? And at what age do you encourage your children to find something to do on their own?


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  1. Amy
    Jun 01, 2011 @ 22:07:52

    I’m a meanie mom, but my kids are expected to entertain themselves. They learned quickly that pestering mom for stuff to do leads to mom picking the activity…and nap is on my short list of options. However, I work from a home office, so it’s critical that my kids play independently. (I think it’s critical for sanity though, regardless of work situations!) It’s a rainy day here too. Right now, my 12-year old is reading a book, and my 5-year old is playing with her dolls. They enjoy puzzles, light bright, organizing pokemon cards, coloring and playing board games on rainy days too. My only issue is that after they are done playing all these things, I’m usually stuck sorting them back out and putting them away. I can’t seem to get the cleanup portion to be self-directed! Can’t win all the battles though, I guess! 🙂


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