Kids are a lot like politicians

I’ve been filling in this weekend, back at my old station. Finding news on Memorial Day weekend is… challenging. Unfortunately, people get hurt and that’s what we report. But, there’s also some political news today. Lawmakers may go back in for a Special Session. That’s when they can’t get all their work done during a normal session, and they have to go back. It’s like summer school for grown ups. Grown ups who get paid to make decisions for the rest of us.

So, our reporter is interviewing the House and Senate leaders and both are saying they won’t compromise… because they’ve already compromised enough. Where have I heard this argument before? Oh yeah, that’s right, my kids! My eight year old daughter has a new favorite expression: “That’s not fair!” If her brothers get to do something and she doesn’t, “That’s not fair!” While she verbalizesĀ these complaints, my five year old son has turned to a form of sign language: he pouts. I mean, all out bottom lip hanging to the floor drama. The baby just screams if he gets upset. That’s pretty basic.

When my kids can’t agree on something, or come to a compromise, if you will… I send them to bed. I learned that from my best friend. A grumpy child is a tired child. Maybe the same applies for politicians?

Instead of sending them to a special session, maybe they should all be sent to bed. Alone. It’s just a thought…


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