The Allure of Grandparents

My friend Chrissy and I have this running joke about how well-behaved we were when we were kids, compared to our own. If we pulled half the crap our kids pull on us, our butts would be red for all eternity. So, how is it that we had these stern (but loving) parents that turned out to be such softies on their grandchildren? Don’t get me wrong, if my kids act up, they’ll hear about it from their grandparents, but on average, they love love love spending time with them.

I thought for sure my kids would see how my parents used to make me eat everything on my plate. Or they’d get sent to a corner. Or they’d get spanked. Nope. My mom and dad just gush all over my kids. Having said that, my oldest niece has suffered the wrath of grandma, so she knows. But, maybe it’s just this under 10 age that has my kids in a safety net?

As I write this, a little before 10 on a Wednesday night, my kids are upstairs telling my mom all about their day. They’re giving her a play by-play of all the things we did- we had ice cream and got to pet real live reindeer! Funny thing about petting real live reindeer- the kids don’t understand how cool it is! We were in the pen with them, antlers and all, when one of the kids in our group says “Is this it?” Really?! You’re in an enclosure with dozens of Santa’s hoofed helpers, feeding them out of your hands and you want to know if this is all??? Tell me we weren’t this spoiled when we were kids.

Can you imagine your parents shelling out money for you to see reindeer when you were and kid and having the audacity to ask if that was it? My butt stings just thinking about it. And yet, our kids see nothing wrong in always expecting the next best thing. Thinking about it now, I am realizing my kids did not even realize what a treat it was that they got to go to the Reindeer farm today. I think they just expected it as part of the day’s entertainment. As my Step Mother says “I’m not your cruise director.” She says that to my kids, so maybe they don’t just get the soft fuzzies from their Grandparents.

I’m just going to harken back to the days of old when I was perfectly behaved. Somehow my kids aren’t. Obedience must skip a generation.


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