This Film is Rated…

Have you ever shown your children an R rated movie? What about on accident? What did you say or do?

When I was growing up, as the youngest of three, with my brothers mostly moved out, my parents watched a lot of movies that weren’t suited for me. Cheech and Chong and Jaws, just to name a few. They were in their 40s and probably didn’t feel like watching Bambi all day. Although, they did watch those kinds of movies too. But, when they went to bed watching a rented movie, it likely wasn’t a flick meant for me. (No, it wasn’t likely porn either.) After I watched a movie not intended for my age range, my parents would have a “talk” with me about I’d seen. It might have been to explain that the violence was not real or the adult relationship I’d watched play out was just that, for adults. Preferably married ones.

Now, I try not to let my kids watch movies over PG. But, they do watch them occasionally. They’ve seen the Transformers movies, for example. But what do you do when your kids accidentally see something they’re not supposed to? Like, for instance, when your eight year old daughter walks in when you’re watching “Sex in the City” and Samantha is bare on a bear skin rug? What then? (I told her to cover her eyes while I attempted to pause it, which, by the way is NOT better when you pause Samantha mid-act. Bad. Bad move.)

Have your kids ever accidentally seen a little too much? Did they have bad dreams? Did they go to school and tell all their friends about the movie they saw with the two adults hugging with their clothes off? How did you handle that?

Oh, and speaking of adult ratings…. did anyone catch Ryan Reynolds on Sesame Street yesterday? As Cookie Monster says… yum yum yum yum.


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