Ice Cream… You Scream…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned and relearned repeatedly through my years as a Mom, it’s to never tell the kids in advance where you plan to take them. If you say, for example, “Next January, we’re doing to Disneyland!” they will ask you every day for the next seven months if today’s the day they get to see Mickey. As I mentioned, I have had to relearn this rule repeatedly. Because, we all look forward to seeing the excitement in our children’s eyes we want to see them happy. So, we kick ourselves moments after we realize we’ve told them a parcel of information way too soon.

Yesterday, I told my kids we’d walk to the local ice cream stand today. It was only a few short hours until bed time when I told them last night, so it wasn’t too obnoxious. I’d say they only asked about it maybe 200 times before they fell asleep. A few short hours later, I was awoken by two little people standing over me asking if it was time yet. It wasn’t even eight am. They did not believe me that the ice cream shop wasn’t open yet.

The corner ice cream shop opened its doors last summer. Prior to that, it had been a coffee shop. We went a lot last summer. It was fun. And not that expensive, by ice cream shop standards. Then, one day in early Fall or late summer, it closed. We thought it was just closed for the day. But, it didn’t open again… until a few days ago. And, believe me, those many months in between were filled with question after question about the fate of the ice cream shop. Was it closed forever? Were they turning it back into a coffee shop? (That question was basically spit at me by my five-year old who said it in such an accusatory manner, I think he thought I was in cahoots with the owner just because I like coffee.)

Today, with the promise of ice cream… I convinced my kids to do some lawn work and put their clothes away. We made it through breakfast (“Can we have ice cream now?”), some chores (“If I bring this to the garbage can we go for ice cream?”), then lunch (“I don’t want to eat too much, I’m saving room for ice cream!”) and finally the baby’s nap. Both older kids walked into the room repeatedly where the baby was sleep-nursing and asked in a rather loud voice “Is the baby awake yet??? Can we go for ice cream NOW?” After they’d done this a few times, the baby finally did wake up. So, we started the mad dash to get ready to leave.

We walked a mile and a half to the ice cream shop. Let me rephrase. My oldest rode her bike. I pulled the boys in a wagon. My arms don’t hurt just yet, but I know it’s coming. They feel a little heavy just typing this. It was sunny. I was wearing shorts and a long sleeve black shirt. Why? Because I’m an idiot.

At long last, the ice cream shop was within sight. We dashed toward it. And then, we waited. There was a couple in the drive thru and three teenage girls ahead of us in line. While we waited, I asked my daughter to read the flavor list to her five-year old brother. She read “Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Strawberry Cheesecake, Rainbow sherbert, Caramel, Moose Tracks and Cookies and Cream.” Then, she proudly stated she’d be having Bubble Gum flavor. Uh, what? Wasn’t she the one who just read off the flavors? I explained that was not on the list. She smiled in that “Oh Dear, you silly girl. You don’t know who I am, do you?” kind of way.

My daughter settled for sherbert when she didn’t get her Bubble Gum flavor, despite her best attempts at trying to convince the girl behind the counter that they actually did have it. My son had sherbert too. And the baby had a scoop of chocolate. I gave it to him, cone and all. It was his first ice cream cone all to himself. He licked and licked and made such a mess! Cutest thing ever. Then, he handed the rest to me. Sometimes, you have dirty jobs as a mom. Eating ice cream is one of them. Hey, when duty calls…

After the ice cream (yeah, I had my own cone too. Don’t judge me!) we headed home. The five-year old decided he wanted to walk a while, after we spotted a horse in a neighbor’s fenced yard. He promptly tripped and scraped up his elbow. Good thing I had the wagon. I gave him a few kisses and then pulled him to the park. You know it’s bad when the kid won’t even play at the park! We headed home.

I took the kids inside and started dinner. My five-year old, nursing his elbow injury, made his way to the couch. He asked me to put a kids show on. I turned the tv on, walked back to the kitchen and he was out. He slept for nearly two hours. Ice cream may hop them up, but a good walk and a lot of sunshine tuckers them out. Unless he’s just building up for his second wind…

My daughter’s already asking me what we’re doing tomorrow. I’m not telling her!!! This time, I’ll learn my lesson. Until next time…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christy
    May 24, 2011 @ 04:46:52

    What perfect day!! 🙂 I love your sense of humor with your little ones.


  2. Lisa
    May 24, 2011 @ 23:38:51

    Sounds like fun! I went to Brookfield Zoo today with my class. It was definitely a test of my patience and perseverance. I’d like to say I had fun, and there were a few fun moments, but with the most challenging kids in MY group, well, it was just a lot of work.
    My own teenagers are the same way about upcoming events. We’re going to Kentucky for an event called Ichthus Festival. They’ve repeatedly asked me details I have no clue about. The good thing I can just tell them to go look on the website for themselves! I noticed today that they started a countdown on our message board in the kitchen 🙂


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