Liberty from the Lunchbox

This morning, I packed my daughter a nutella sandwich (on wheat, so it’s still healthy!) and a banana. She was visibly annoyed when she peered in the sack. (Didn’t even bother with a lunchbox today.) Today is the last day of school and I can tell you I am so happy to be done with packing a lunchbox for a whole summer!

My second grader hates everything I pack her for lunch. She hates peanut butter. I used to pack it for her anyway, but when she came home from school- there it would be. She would rather not eat than eat a pb&j. She’s hardcore. Same thing with lunch meat. Nope. Won’t eat it.

We’ve made quesadillas. I’ve packed frozen pizzas. Her latest lunch (before today’s chocolate, I mean sandwich) was a frozen Meatball bake from Costco. She liked those for a few days, until today. Then she said it was too hard to eat it all before lunch was over.

My little eight year old girl can really pack it in these days. She’s skinny but the girl can eat! No matter what I pack, she says she’s still hungry.

Next year, I’ll be packing two lunch boxes when my preschooler starts kindergarten, so I better figure this out quickly!

Parents- what are your lunchbox success stories? And the more fun question- what didn’t work?

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  1. eliza keating
    May 19, 2011 @ 19:21:30

    I dread making pack lunches (lunch box)..every day….always the same complaints…… I relate to this so much..ELiza Keating


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