School’s Out For Summer… Almost

Here in Alaska, schools are nearly out for summer vacation. I know, it’s early! But, for those of you Outsiders (yeah, we do sometimes call you that) we get out in May, but we go back in August. It starts getting colder in September. We have to take advantage of our short summer months while we have them.

School lets out Thursday. When I asked my kids what the best part of their day was (a nightly tradition at the dinner table) they said “the water gun fight” and “the tractor ride.” Now, I’m sure there was some learning involved today. At some point. Right?

What kind of work actually gets done in this last week of school? When I taught high school last year, we had to promise not to show movies all day to the students during that last week of school. I know that promise was forgotten by a few teachers. But really, what kind of work are the kids really willing to put in? Summer is so close they can almost taste it.

Last Friday, when I subbed at my daughter’s school, you could tell the summer bug had infected the entire class. Wasn’t there an old 80s movie about Summer School? It seems as soon as the sun comes out and warms things up, the ability to pay attention evaporates like dew on the lawn.

It’s nearly bed time and my kids are all cracked out. They’re excited for two more days of school fun before summer vacation.

Are your kids actively learning this week or just counting down the seconds before school lets out?


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  1. Lisa
    May 18, 2011 @ 22:51:18

    My last day is June 1st, my daughters (in public school have to go till the 8th- those pesky snow day make-ups 😉
    My class of 17 preschoolers checked out sometime last week. I keep wondering why I’m even trying to teach them anything these last 2 weeks. All they do is get in trouble! Here’s to summer vacation!!


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