Toilet Retrieval and Toddler Spite

Do you think 16 months old is too early to understand the concept of spite? I don’t. And today, my toddler proved it.

I was getting ready for church, putting my makeup on in the bathroom. Generally, I am able to keep a pretty good eye on things while I apply moisturizer, foundation and blush. But, there’s a hiccup in the system when I go to put on eye liner. The sheer basics of eye liner requires you close your eye to apply it. And, I think my little guy has caught on to this.

While sticking a sharp object to my eye lid, I heard a sound. He was rustling through the drawer and had his hands on a razor package. The kind where the razor sits on top and the cartridges are hidden in a little box beneath it. I told him NO and grabbed the razors, shut the drawer and moved him to just outside the bathroom door. Then, I again put the eye liner to my eye. I heard another sound. This time, it was a splash. I looked down to see not only the razor I had taken away from him (which was my husband’s) but also my new pack of Schick razors in the toilet. Mine was still in the packaging, but there was now toilet water inside the package. I took them out, threw the package away and retained the razors. My husband’s razor, however, was in much worse shape. It was way down in the drain, you know, in that spot where no matter how hard you scrub with the brush, the brown remnants remain… His razors were thrown out. Yuck.

Now, just to give you some perspective… my post yesterday was “Mommy Down.” My boys gave me their tummy bug and I spent a good portion of my day yesterday making friends with that very toilet. And, I hadn’t had a chance to give it a good cleaning yet. So, when I say yuck, I mean YUCK!

I washed my hands about 47 times. But, I can’t help but think my little precious baby boy knew exactly what he was doing. I told him NO and he showed me what he thought about that. It reminded me so much of that book “I love you forever” where the little boy has flushed the watch.

Tell me. What kinds of things have ended up in the basin that don’t belong there? What things have your kids dropped in the porcelain bowl? What did you go after and what did you flush?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kara
    May 19, 2011 @ 01:23:28

    Toothbrushes. Don’t know why but they wind up in the toilet frequently. I always fish them out because I have learned from experience they absolutely will clog a toilet and cause one heck of a mess – and yes, they go straight in the trash. I think it’s our cat that does it, but teaching the boys to close the toilet lid all the time is even harder than teaching them to put the seat down, plus in one spectacular midnight vomiting episode had disastrous results.


  2. Momx5kidz
    May 23, 2011 @ 18:08:48

    When my oldest son was a toddler we gained the status of “voice recognition” with Roto-Rooter. They then arrived and would ask me, “Which Disney character is it this time?” I feel we own stock in Roto-Rooter after those years. We tried closing the door…to no avail. We tried putting a flip-latch on the door…everyone forgot to latch it. Thank goodness he got tired of losing his toys and finally went on to a new, less expensive, hobby…trying to climb out windows…another story for another time.


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