This is the song that never ends…

Great. Now that you have that hideous song stuck in your head, you are ready to share my pain.

My eight year old daughter’s end of the year play is this week. She typically has two a year, Christmas and now. So, for pretty much the entire year, we have a chorus of songs in my minivan. They are sung at the top of her lungs. She sings them so much her little brother knows the tunes and sings along. All. The. Time.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the plays are adorable and the singing is precious. But, it fills every last brain cell. You find yourself doing the dishes, or when I worked outside of the home, in the elevator at work humming along to one of those songs. It can be a little embarrassing. (Side note: my brother told me once he found himself singing “Yummy yummy fruit salad” by the Wiggles in his cubicle.)

My daughter has a pretty voice when she sings songs at the decibel they are meant to be heard. However, normally, the car ride is just shy of rock concert or jet plane levels. There is no volume control.

This sweet little second grader’s enthusiasm is what keeps me from losing my mind when all I can hear is “Mars, Mars, we’re going to Mars…” (The most recent musical put on by her school.) It encourages me to listen and appreciate what she has at this age that most of us adults don’t: a spirit that won’t be tamed. She’s not embarrassed. She’s not self-conscious. She’s not shy. When a car pulls up next to ours, she doesn’t pretend like she wasn’t singing along to her favorite song on the radio. She sings louder.

Next week, my second grader will end the school year ready for next year when she’ll be a high and mighty third grader. Next month, that same little eight year old will turn nine, with her eye on the prize for next summer when she will be double digits. Funny how when you’re a kid you’re always looking forward to that next birthday. As adults, we’re constantly reminiscing about what we had when we were young.

For now, I’m going to marvel in the beauty, passion, playfulness, compassion and spunk of my sweet little girl before it’s too late. In a few short years she’ll be a teenager and I’ll just be that old lady who doesn’t know anything… you know, the one always humming some song she can’t get out of her head.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. KalleyC
    May 12, 2011 @ 22:51:44

    Ugh, I can feel your pain. I’ve gotten Yo Gabba Gabba songs stuck in my head after watching it with my daughter. At least I’m home. My husband has been caught singing “get the wiggles out” at work.


  2. Clarice
    May 13, 2011 @ 01:15:04

    Rishawn loves Mickey mouse clubhouse so when he gets pushy we put him in his high chair and turn it on 1. So he can shush up and 2. So we can get things around the house done. One night he sat and watched the entire season ofthe Mickey mouse clubhouse and the next day I was humming hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog the co workers laughed and the ones who had kids sang along


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