Here comes the sun….

Living in Alaska, we have a somewhat love/hate relationship with the sun. It’s pretty much gone all winter and when it returns in Spring, we are like addicts after a long dry spell. The same rings true for our kids. They missed that bright spot in the sky too.
When the sun comes back, so does all that pent-up energy the kids have been packing away all winter. Oh, yeah, we thought they had energy when they were running up and down snowy hills to sled their little hearts out. And, we thought they had it when they were packing up little mounds of snow ball weaponry. But, the true energy doesn’t return until the last slushy bits of snow have melted and the buds begin to form on the trees. Then, the crazy, filthy, wild, pack dog children of summer return. And, guess what? Us stay at home types get them… all… summer… long. There’s no school to ship them off to so they can burn off some of that energy. It’s just go go go. When they’re not running around outside at full speed, they’re inside the house demanding a snack (which seems to be about every two seconds) or they’re telling you they’re bored. It’s usually the nicest day of summer, I’ve found, when they say they’re bored and insist on watching a movie. No, I don’t think so!
Remember the days when we were kids and we could play outside without our parents really being concerned? I remember going to my neighbors and not returning for hours. We’d play outside in the woods or in the street. We made up silly games and funny songs, dances or bizarre tales of some type of another. Now, if it’s not run off batteries, I’m not sure if kids know what to do.

It’s gorgeous out tonight. We’ve been to the park and played outside.  But, if I ever want my kids to sleep tonight I have to bring them inside. And so, they are sitting their little butts on the couch watching “Babe.” There’s no shutting off the sun, despite my middle child’s desperate pleas that I do so. They’ll just have to get tired enough to ignore it.


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