Towel Whippings and Justin Timberlake

I’ve created a monster. While playing around with my boys this afternoon and killing a few minutes before it was time to go pick up my daughter from school, I used the wet dish cloth I was washing the baby’s face with to whip my preschooler in the butt, circa any boys locker room…

It was fun… at first. I ran around chasing my five year old and whipping him on the tail while my baby squeeled in delight from the safety of his high chair. Then, I accidentally whipped the five year old too hard and he cried for a second. So, I did something stupid. I gave my preschooler free reign to whip me. Once. That’s what I said to him. “You can get me ONE TIME.” You can pretty much guess how this story ends. After about 40 lashings that sent me nearly into the fetal position remembering how my older brother used to chase me around the house flicking that stupid towel at me, I was able to wrangle the wash cloth out of his wicked little hands. I then retired the wash cloth… after one more maniacal flick at him.

On another… unrelated… note… my boy was playing on the computer before the whippings. He was on PBS kids as I was making lunch. He called up “Mom! There’s something wrong with the computer! (insert parent phobia that he’s broken the laptop.) There’s some man with weird hair and eyes on it! (insert parent phobia that he’s stumbled across a website he shouldn’t have.) Can you come look at it?”

After lunch and the whippings and the baby managing to get his fingers squished under the love seat, I remembered to look at the man on the computer.

 Menacing, isn’t he?

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

Bye bye bye… Bye bye!


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  1. Clarice
    May 13, 2011 @ 00:37:53

    The title lead me to read it as something totally different haha


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