That’s Not New Car Smell…

My minivan is filthy. Inside and out. It’s just plain gross. This past weekend, my husband washed the exterior of my car. He scrubbed it down and then took it through the automated wash. And still… the dirt remains. It’s almost mocking me for not washing it all winter long.

The interior of my car is no better. It’s nasty. There are bits of snacks here and there, along with small toys, rocks and anything else my kids have managed to shove in there. I remember sitting in my older brother’s car before I had kids. His back seat was almost undetectable under the pile of debris. There were stale french fries (why is it that they never lose their color?) and bags and garbage and car seats. I thought “that will never be me.” Ugh. It’s one of many times I look back upon and realize I had no idea what I was talking about. (You know those people who don’t have kids but think they know how to raise your kids better than you do.)

As if the interior of my car wasn’t at haz-mat levels already, it reached into nuclear territory today when, not one, but two of my kids barfed in it. The day started around two this morning when my baby woke me up with a splash. It continued for a couple of hours until he fell asleep in a heap on top of me. Just a few short hours later, it was time to get up for the day. I assumed the sickness was behind us. I was wrong. We were almost on the highway when my daughter said “Mom! The baby’s throwing up!!!” I did the crazy mom swerve over to the side of the road and began scooping up and wiping down while calling my daughter’s school to say she’d be late.

After dropping the older kids off at school and preschool, I headed home. I could see our driveway when the second wave came. We did that clean up in the garage. Amazingly enough, the baby was hungry and thirsty and demanded food in a way only a 15 month old with a full set of lungs can…

A few hours later, the baby and I took off to get the preschooler. He wasn’t even in the minivan for a moment before he started complaining he didn’t feel well. Now, this is the moment- the oh, I should have just listened to the inner mom in me moment – when I should have just driven home. But, I had a meeting in Anchorage and figured I could make it the half hour drive there without any trouble. And… I was wrong. We were on the highway, nearing the Weigh Station when he yelled the urgent “Mommy!” yell. I grabbed and emptied the nearest grocery sack and literally threw it at him in the back seat. He had just enough time to open it before he filled it up.

My husband was waiting for me at my appointment and I handed off the two barfing boys while I went inside. While at my meeting, I received a series of texts from my husband. The preschooler was at it again… all over the back seat. When I left my meeting and entered my car- there it was: the shock wave of funk stench. It filled my nostrils and would have gagged a less experienced mom… Unfortunately, I’m all too familiar with the smell.

When I got home, I left my car doors open to air it out. An hour later, my husband returned home with our daughter. I sat with the boys on the couch. The preschooler was bent over, moaning about his tummy. My daughter beamed as she said to me “Hi Mom! Your car doors were open, so I shut them.”

**NOTE- My husband says he used industrial strength cleaner on the back seat and it still packed the puke punch…


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  1. Kara
    May 06, 2011 @ 05:56:15

    I told everyone in my house the only gift I wanted for Mother’s Day/birthdays/Christmas/whatever from now on were car detailing gift certificates. How does it get so disgusting so fast????


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