Getting Creative with Cabbage

I recently wrote an article for a local parenting magazine about how to get your children to eat their vegetables. It gave some practical advice on getting them to snack on greens, and oranges and reds… But, when it comes to my own kids, I think they’re catching on. So, I have to think outside the box.

My daughter may just become a vegetarian. The girl went through a phase where the only meat I could get her to eat was hot dogs. (I know, I question whether the contents of a hot dog can actually be considered “meat” too.) Gradually, she’s begun eating more meat but she still prefers veggies. I can typically get her to eat all the veggies on her plate.

My youngest, the baby, eats most of the vegetables I place before him, as long as they’re easy to chew. He tries the hard to chew ones, but I have to stand by on safety patrol to make sure he doesn’t choke on them.

Speaking of choking, that’s what my preschooler appears to do when he’s forced to eat vegetables he doesn’t like. And, his dislike and like list seem to change by the hour. I’ve found he consistently eats a vegetable if it’s canned and he’s opened said can. That may have something to do with me letting him operate the electric can opener. It’s a preschool power tool. (Think Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor.)

The other day, we were eating a good old Polish (or maybe it’s Russian) meal. A comfort food from when I was growing up. It’s a typical dish served during Lent: noodles, onions and cabbage, fried in an obscene amount of butter. It basically ends up looking like a yellowish khaki tan mess on a plate. My daughter scarfed it down. I ate it. The baby ate it. But, the preschooler came to a screeching halt. Then, in one of those classic “take it back! Oh please take it back!” moments, I blurted out my best incentive for him to eat cabbage: “eat it and it will make you fart!”

Encouraging a five year old to eat cabbage because it will make him fart is pandering to the preschool crowd, I know. But, hey, why knock it? He wolfed down the food on his plate. But, let me tell you this. If you make a promise about impending flatulence, you better be prepared to keep it! The next day, he came to me quite upset that the contracted cabbage stench hadn’t delivered, as promised. Now, he may never eat his cabbage.

I still have the hopeful stinkiness of beans to keep me going…


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  1. lamgold
    May 06, 2011 @ 20:13:06

    Too funny! I have EXTREMELY picky eaters in this house. And while I’m ‘old school’ and by nature would love to just say, “eat it or starve” if one of the picky ones is your husband, things get a bit trickier. Add to that fact that I really, really hate to cook, it’s just an ugly mess here at dinner time.


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