Coming down from a candy high

As I write this, my eight year old daughter is spinning around the room, dancing, smiling and, in general, all cracked out. She’s hopped up (get it?) on Easter candy. Thank you, Mister Easter Bunny. And this year, he went low on the candy! Somehow, the kids seem to get the sugar rush in IV form on Easter.

We gathered up the kids to see their baskets this morning. They came out, thrilled to see what the Bunny had left them. They were quick to point out he had forgotten to leave them a chocolate bunny. Then came the assumptions and theories about what had happened, why the chocolate bunnies had been forgotten. The Easter Bunny had been detained in Colorado, Arizona or some other foreign destination. Or, maybe he’d just ran out of chocolate! Gasp!

They took their baskets to church to be blessed and there the baskets were refilled with even more candy. Good natured parishioners and friends handed out little baggy after baggy of sugary goodness. Really, should we even bother making the sugar into candy form? Why not hand them each a five-pound sack of sugar and some yellow number 5 and be done with it?

The kids came home and we ate Easter dinner. They snuck some more candy. Then, they had the nerve to ask for soda! Um, no! I think they’ve had quite enough at this point.

We began the process of coming down from the candy high by taking a nice, warm bath. Now, they are sitting quietly and watching a Veggie Tales Easter Movie. My daughter has stopped hopping. My preschooler is sitting, staring, at the screen. He may be in a sugar coma. The baby is still in full gear. There’s 47 minutes to Sleepy Town. Lets hope this goes well.

How did Easter go for you all?

Happy Easter! Christ is Risen!


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  1. Amy
    Apr 29, 2011 @ 08:40:18

    We got your kids share…15 of those solid chocolate bunnies for three children. What were the grandparents thinking??? You could take some of these adorable confections home…they’re not as cute as the teeny baby bunny, but your kids will still love them. Please?!? 🙂


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