Jesus, the Bunny and the basket- PART TWO

The bunny. Remember that adorable, cute little bunny I nearly took home the other day? Confession time. I’ve been visiting him on a daily basis. He’s so sweet and I just want to pet him and cuddle him and take him home. Well, today my kids convinced me to go see him again. They think they’re pulling one over on me, convincing me to take them to the pet store. What they don’t know is I want that bunny even more than they do. When we walked in today, the bunny was not in his cage. He was in the arms of his new owner. My inner child threw a tantrum while the outer and grown up me told my children “Oh look, the baby bunny has an owner now! How nice. Someone to take him home and love him!” My inner child screamed in my head “Damn it, woman! Put down the bunny! He’s mine, mine, MINE!”

So, no bunny for my family. It’s for the best. I’m going to keep telling myself that until I feel better and the sadness passes.

Speaking of mine, mine, MINE…. The Easter Bunny did his/her shopping last night. I’m trying to keep the clutter down in the house and really don’t need any more disposable, cheap, plastic, junky, throwaway toys. This year’s baskets will contain a small amount of candy (only the stuff mommy and daddy like), a small stuffed animal (more junk, I know, but they were buy one get one free!), a puzzle, and a cool new electric toothbrush. Even doing my practical Easter Bunny shopping, I still went over budget. Grr!

What kind of things are going in your Easter baskets this year? Tell me all about the creative ways you are celebrating the resurrection of our Lord, in basket form.


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