Killing me with cuteness

  This. Is. Cute.

How can I resist such an adorable little face? It’s tiny. And Easter themed. And so soft. And did I mention adorable?

This is what I get for taking my kids to window shop at the pet store. (See my post about ferrets from the other day.) I like to take my children to see all the cute little animals, get their fix and then be done with it. That was the plan today, too. Enter cutie pie bunny.

I had two rabbits as a child. My neighbor, Katie, and I baked snickerdoodle cookies all summer, saved up our money and bought two rabbits, much to the dismay of my father. He made jokes about rabbit stew every single day I had those creatures. So, seeing this sweet little, terrified bunny made my heart melt.

It was me. ME! That had the problem walking away. And my children fed on that. Like dogs smelling fear or sharks sniffing out blood in the water. My kids put on the show. “Mom! Mommmmmmm! Please! Pretty please. Can we please get the bunny? I’ve wanted a bunny my whole entire life! I’ll feed it. We’ll play with it. And clean up after it. We will be the best bunny owners ever!” Normally, I would start building up my defense of NO NO NO but this time, all I could do was stare into the eyes of the ridiculously darling bunny.

I started making calls. First, my husband. He made it clear from the get go he wanted no part in this. None. He wouldn’t be feeding it or cleaning up after it. Then, my mom. She cooed over the thing the same way I did. My friend who works at the Vet office let out a groan when I called her. She reminded me how much pooping they do. And how much cleaning, in turn, I would be doing. Finally, I turned to Facebook. I posted the precious picture and asked what my “friends” thought. Near consensus: What the hell are you thinking? Aren’t your three kids enough to tend to?

Oh yeah. I’m supposed to be the responsible adult. The one with will power. I had to make the switch from the child inside me that reallllllllly wanted a new little bunny to take home to the adult, the mother of three. Stupid being an adult. Sucks sometimes. Grr. I acted like I was on a new car lot: I decided to sleep on the matter and I walked away. So now, three hours later, I sit bunny-less. And that poor, scared little guy is all alone in a cage without his mommy. Unless, of course, some other sap Mom like me just couldn’t say no…


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