Springtime Filth

In Alaska, Spring is not what you normally see in the Lower 48. (For those of you who don’t live in Alaska, the “Lower 48” is what we call the contiguous states not Alaska and Hawaii. Yes, we are special.)
Anyway, Spring here is not the beautiful cherry blossoms of D.C. or the green grass of the midwest. It’s dirty. We call it break-up. What can be messier than a break-up?

This is the time of year where those of us who have been hibernating all winter long begin emerging from our caves, er homes. We seek out parks and sunshine in droves. Mud be damned. We are going for it. The streets and yards are covered in the filth that’s been hiding under the snow all winter. Dirt, dust and trash are everywhere. It’s not pretty. And yet, we emerge to rejoice in the promise of the coming summer.

Today, I took the kids to the park in town square. There were lots of families there, out enjoying the 45 degree weather. The children were all running and playing and smiling. It was great. Then, they got in the car and I began to see what I couldn’t when they were out under the bright sun: the filth. All the nastiness that was on the roads and lawns was now all over them. The winter snow and the winter gear keep them protected from all this… yuck. But they’re not wearing the coats and snowpants and boots anymore.

My daughter cleaned up fairly well, but the boys needed a bath. When they got in, the water turned from clear to grey rather quickly. Nasty. That dirt is like a badge of honor for kids. It shows they’ve played hard and had fun. You can’t get that dirty and not enjoy it, at least a little.

The dirty faces and hands of little kids has me excited for summer and thrilled for the mucky days of break-up to be over and the real summer to begin.


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