Sleeping Lady

While driving my eight year old daughter to school this morning, she let out a gasp.  She’d made a similar alarmed sound earlier this week when a woman was backing up in the school parking lot and her back tires hit the back tire of a little boy on a trike. So, when my little girl made that gasping sound this morning, I flung my head in every direction looking for the moose about to walk into traffic or the child chasing a ball into the street or an asteroid about to come careening to the earth. Instead, I saw what had made her gasp. It wasn’t a gasp of shock or fear. It was a gasp of awe.

My sweet little second grader had spotted Sleeping Lady, in all her glory. The sky was bright blue and the mountain was majestic white. It was a sight to see. I asked her if she knew why they called her Sleeping Lady. After the explanation, my daughter had only one question: “Does she ever roll over?”


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