Avoiding the Inevitable: Lysol is my friend

It’s that time of year. We pray for Spring. We get a few sunny days. We get our hopes up. Then, today happens. Snow blows sideways on the highway. The wind forces trees into submission. And, kids get sick.

Spring in Alaska brings a kind of weather confusion and a kind of stomach upset that can take you to your knees. (And likely will, as you’ll be cleaning up a lot of mess.)

While the wind batters the houses, the roaring in the trees can almost be drowned out by the sounds of sick kids. You’ve read my post about the baby? Well, maybe it wasn’t his bathtime treat that sickened him. It could just be the season. Now, I’m making soup for Grandma. I guess that’s what she gets for volunteering to babysit. Bet she won’t make that mistake twice!

There’s all these studies about how we are messing with our own immune systems. We are upsetting the balance of good germs and bad in our system by dousing ourselves and children in antibacterial everything. Soap, lotion, wipes, you name it. As we gear up for Spring cleaning- are we really helping ourselves? Is all that Lysol killing our resolve to stay well?

I’m taking my chances and am going on a Clorox/Lysol spree through the sick house. No no no getting sick while my husband is away on a business trip. The kids get sick. Guess who will be next? Parents, you know the inherent issue with this scenario. Mom or Dad can’t tend to sick kids when they are sick themselves!

Beyond Lysoling every surface of the house, parents- what do you do to keep your crew healthy in the face of the inevitable bug?


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